Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ergun lies about his facebook photo

Preaching in 2006, Ergun described this picture in a sermon this way.  

This was my father, the one I spoke of yesterday, Acar Mehmet Caner. I am the second from him, that is one of my half sisters, one of my half brothers, and one other of my father’s children.  I am the knock kneed child sitting there with my father. This was in Turkey.  This was in Istanbul. 
However on his facebook page he describes the same picture this way.

1979 - In the Mosque. An Imam is like a pastor - I am the second kid from the left.
One, Ergun's half sisters were not born until after the divorce in 1978.  This young woman is taller than the 12-13 year old Ergun in this picture.  She must be a fast grower for an infant.  Two, in a sermon the day before, Ergun claimed that he immigrated to America in 1978.  Here he is saying that this picture was taken in Istanbul.  Ergun was forbidden to travel to Istanbul by the custody arrangement.  Three, that man in the picture is not Acar, it is the imam of the mosque.  Acar was not an imam.  At best he was a muezzin.  Four, Dr. Norman Geisler argued that while speaking quickly on one occasion, Ergun accidentally said he had half-brothers.  Well, for one occasion, I keep finding more examples.  Then there is this other kid who is identified as "one other of my father’s children."

I am going to make a video about this, hopefully soon.  Thank you to Mokan at fakeexmuslims.com.  He has done more work on this than anyone else.  Christian, Muslim, and Atheist, we owe him a debt of gratitude.  Also thank you to James White, without his research I would not have found this sermon.  

Update - The video has been made and can be found here. http://mosesmodel.blogspot.com/2013/04/ergun-caner-has-two-daddies.html

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