Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is Norman Geisler calling Ergun Caner a liar?

This is just a small sample of Ergun saying he came to America in 1978.  Ergun came to this country before August 1970.  Ergun maintains that he never intentionally mislead anyone.  How does Norman Geisler reconcile this?  Norman states,  "It is well known that Caner became a US citizen in 1978."

Well known? 

June 24, 2004, Ergun published an article on World Net Daily entitled, HATRIOTISM' & MICHAEL MOORE: TURKISH MUSLIM SAYS 'FAHRENHEIT 911' WRONG ON LIBERATION OF IRAQ

"I am a Persian Turkish immigrant raised as a Sunni Muslim, and in the interest of full disclosure, I must state that I left Islam in 1982, and became an American citizen."

This statement was repeated when Ergun published another article on Crosswalk, 25 days later, July 19, 2004, entitled more simply: Michael Moore and "Hatriotism"

Here he repeated:

"I am a Persian Turkish immigrant raised as a Sunni Muslim, and in the interest of full disclosure, I must state that I left Islam in 1982, the same year I became an American citizen."

Again, Ergun, himself, wrote at least twice in 2004 that he became a citizen in 1982.  He stated this was a part of fully disclosing his conflict of interests.  How can it both be "well known" that Ergun became a citizen in 1978 and "in the interest of full disclosure" that he became a citizen in 1982?

In fact does not both the 1978 and 1982 dates sound a little odd?

Ergun turned 12, November 3, 1978.  Did Ergun really become a US Citizen at the age of 11 or 12?  While not impossible, he seems rather young.  Ergun turned 16, November 3, 1982.  While possible, did Ergun really become a US Citizen at the age of 15 or 16?

It seems more likely that Ergun would become a citizen as an adult, after his eighteenth birthday, November 3, 1984.

"Caner was born in Stockholm, Sweden, became an American citizen in 1984 and a born-again Christian in 1982."

 In fact, The Free Lance -- Star reported August 2, 2003 that Ergun received his citizenship in 1984. 

So we have one year provided by Norman, which he says it was "well known" that Ergun gained his citizenship as a preteen. 

We have another year, printed by Ergun himself, that says he gained his citizenship around 15 or 16.

We have yet another year reported by a newspaper that says Ergun gained his citizenship near adulthood in 1984.

I think it is safe to say that it is not in any way "well known" when Ergun received his citizenship.  It is also pretty safe to say that Norman seems to call Ergun a liar; because Ergun himself wrote multiple times that he received his citizenship in 1982. 

So who do you think is telling the truth?

Unedited sources for the video clips

Norman Geisler's comments

Three articles written by Ergun Caner in 2004 where he claims to have become a citizen in 1982.

The Free Lance Star that wrote that Ergun received his citizenship in 1984

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  1. I think it is apparent that you cannot trust what Ergun Caner will say, especially about things that inflate his reputation.

    1. Unfortunately, there are people that trust him, because they believe he is anointed by God.

  2. Well, I beg to differ with you!

    Ergun Caner knows full well what is well known to himself for himself by himself; and to you, now, it is well known that he very well knows it is very well known to him so you should let this well enough known, ah, I mean, alone, lest you discover what isn't very well known that is very well known alone about himself for himself by himself!

    For the record, let it be very well known that I stand very much alone with this comment. I was in no way coerced in any way, shape or form in letting this be known what is very well known.

  3. Here is a video that has many of the 1978 statement on it...


    1. Thanks, the Rick and Bubba interview is full of "misstatements". :)