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C3 Church 1/1/2012: You're making things up again Ergun...

New Years Day Service - Special Guest Dr. Ergun Caner from C3 Church on Vimeo.

January 1, 2012, Ergun Caner spoke at C3 church.  During his sermon, he made the following statement:

[28:40] “And entering in to High School, that is exactly what I was.  I was, no questions, your biggest critic.  I was your enemy.  And you know what reached me for the gospel?  It wasn’t a guy on TV.  It wasn’t somebody with purple hair crying purple tears…or some singer…or someone who had written books.  It was one High School kid who wouldn’t shut up.  One kid who was never scared.  Jerry Tackett hunted me…Freshman year…Sophomore year…Junior year. ‘Dude you want to come with me to fourth quarter?’ ‘Dude you want to come to fifth quarter?’  ‘Want to come to the hotdog hog out…the pizza pig out?’ ‘Want to come to our church Youth Group meeting?’  ‘Want to come roller skating?’  I said ‘no’ a thousand different ways; a thousand different times; and a thousand different permutations.  ‘No! No! Shut up! Leave me alone!’  He never shut up.  He had the eyes that Elisha talked about.  Greater resources do we have than all the chariots they’ve got.  He knew his God was real, mine was fake and all he had to do was keep hunting me down. 
How many of us, if we go to somebody’s door and…or if we share with a colleague or friend …you knock on the door and oh God help you if you know on the door and you face hostility…and they slam the door in your face… Most people would go ‘huh, well he must not be one of the elect’.  ‘I will mark him off my list.’  ‘Enjoy Hell.’  ‘Move on.’ Not Jerry Tackett…he kept coming. 
Finally going into my Senior year, I decide, ‘You know what? I’ll show you.’  And I went, I walked, I said ‘alright, I’ll come, come, come I’ll come.‘” 
According to Unveiling Islam, Emir Caner converted a year later than Ergun, November 4, 1982.  Ergun was born, November 3, 1966 and graduated eighteen years later in 1984.  If Emir’s date is correct he converted during the Fall of Ergun’s Junior year in High School.  About a year before Emir’s conversion would have been from January 1981-till maybe May 1982 (the Spring of Ergun’s Freshman year and his entire Sophomore year).  Even Emir’s conversion date is a far cry from Ergun’s Senior year (Fall 1983-Spring 1984).  The point is, we don’t when Ergun converted, but it definitely was not his Senior year or even his Junior year. 
Later he also the following:
[34:17] “Year later, I’m disowned.  A year later, I am studying for the ministry.  I loss my family and I find out my church is my family.   Both brothers got saved.”
This whole quote seems to give the wrong idea.  After claiming to be a Senior, he say he was “studying for the ministry.”  This may be so, but he was studying as a Junior in High School.  He seems to give the impression that he was a High School graduate.  

He also says he was “disowned” and he loss his family.  This also is at the very least misleading.  He was disowned by his father, but he continued to live with his mother and brothers.  His parents’ divorce was finalized in 1978.  His mother had primary custody of him and his brothers.  When Ergun was disowned, his church may have been his family, but so were his mother and brothers.  

I am sadden to see that Ergun's truce with the truth has expired less than two years after his dismissal as LBTS President.  Unfortunately this is not the only 2012 example of Ergun saying he converted during his Senior year.

The C3 Sermon can be found here.

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