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Ergun Caner: Does Emir Know? - Told You

After 9/11, Ergun Caner became a popular speaker. However, he was prone to lying about his past. This particular video series deals with the irreconcilable versions that Ergun has presented about his brothers’ conversions. In 2001, he began saying that he converted November 4, 1982 and a year later, he preached a seven minute sermon. That Sunday night his brothers supposedly converted. However, Ergun and his brother Emir wrote a bestselling book. In Unveiling Islam, Ergun converted. His brother, Erdem, converted in their basement. Then a year later, Emir, not Ergun, converted November 4, 1982. Around 2009, he began saying that it was not until he was away at college that he found out his brothers converted.

So far, I have provided two examples, here is another.

Pastor’s Perspective interviewed Ergun, January 2010. About five months later, his university launched their investigation. After completion of the investigation, Liberty University refused to continue his contract as President of the seminary. A month later, Dr. Norman Geisler wrote several passionate defenses of his friend, trying to argue that Ergun never lied.

At the beginning of August 2010, Ergun preached at Calvary Chapel Downey. About two and a half weeks later, Jason Smathers will publish the videos from 2005 of Ergun lying to the Marines at Marine Corps Air Station New River.

While Ergun was more honest at Downey there was some things lacking. Pertinent to this video series, Ergun claimed that he was almost in college when he converted.

But you look around the room what’s different about your church than say any other churches? Look around. We look like a bowl of fruity pebbles here, skittles. Various shades and colors, we don’t look monochromatic. We don’t fit one scheme. We look like the United Nations.

The reason I say that is I didn’t become a Christian until I was in High School, almost in college. And where I got saved in Columbus, Ohio, the worship was suburban. It was hymn driven. If you have ever been to a hymn driven church, it’s, back in the day, they would, “Take out your hymnal and turn with me to hymn number two hundred and twenty and we are going to sing first second and last.” I never understood why they skipped the third verse, but they always skipped over the third verse like it was the evil verse, because they sang from the hymn book.

As you can probably guess coming from an Islamic background, I was disowned when I became a believer in Jesus. And so going into college, I had no visible means of support. God provided support for me. I ended up in college in Kentucky, southeastern Kentucky, right on the border of Tennessee where I had to relearn English for a second time.

If he was almost in college, when he converted the logical inference is that a year later when his brothers converted, he was in college.

The pastor’s wife loved on me. I went home that night and told my father that I was a believer in Jesus and it was the last time I saw my Dad until he died. I was disowned, but my church became my family and the pastor’s wife, honey she was tough.

Yuki Miller, Japanese, out of Shintoism, about this tall, mean as a snake. I had no idea what she was talking about, she didn’t know what I was talking about, but I wanted to be able to pray like her. We would all join hands on a Sunday night and Clarence would inevitably call on his wife to pray. “Yuki, why don’t you close us?” And Yuki would start, “Heavenly Father, we are thanking you for everything you are doing today.” I may not have caught every word, but I wanted to have that heart. And God help you if you missed, God help you if you missed church one Sunday, but Yuki was old time, she was old school bus visitation. And Yuki would show up at your door, “Ergun, you come church now!” Man.

She’s still alive. Clarence is still alive. Yuki is still alive. Jerry Tackett, the boy who led me to Christ is still alive. All these people who invested in my life were all warriors who ripped the roof off in my life.

A year later I was in college, like I told you. I found out that both my brothers got saved. From my father and my mom, from my father and my mother, all three, all three boys, raised as Sunni Muslims all three are born again believers in Jesus. All three are ministers of the gospel.

Erdem, the middle brother, the middle brother Erdem is a layman, but he preaches in Cincinnati, Ohio as a business man, he does things on tithing. Emir, my youngest brother, is the President of Truett-Mcconnel college in Cleveland, Georgia. I’m at Liberty University, because of one kid.

Ergun typically dates his conversion at November 4, 1982, the day after his sixteenth birthday. Ergun did not go to college until the fall of 1984. Both his brothers date their conversion also to 1982. Emir even claims that he not Ergun converted November 4, 1982. In fact they co-authored a book together that said just that.

We are not through yet
Does Emir know that his brother is claiming that he is wrong about his own testimony?

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“Worship of Warriors” - Calvary Chapel Downey- Downey, CA – August 1, 2010

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  1. Greetings

    When a liar knowingly tells an outright lie to another person, it must automatically follow that the liar takes that person for a fool. If he continues lying to that person, come what may, for over a decade,it must be the case that he must take the person for an imbecile. A person who takes another person for an imbecile must also automatically disrespect that person. One cannot take someone else for an imbecile and respect them at the same time. The two are mutually exclusive.

    This means that his mother, brothers, wife, kids, friends, neighbors, colleagues, co-authors, sponsors, co-workers, associates, staff, students, editors, publishers, video editors, video publishers, video distributors, promoters, agents, managers, congregations, acquaintances, readers, viewers and fans, every interviewer, colleague, employer, pastor, church, congregation, conference delegate, convention audience – absolutely everyone that the “trained”, “Istanbul-born”, “Cairo and Beirut -trained”, “ex-terrorist”, “ex-Muslim” son of an “Islamic Leader” and a “veiled mother” has ever tried to spin his web of deceit around has been totally disrespected and taken for an utter imbecile by the ‘great’ man.

    Since Christian doctrine strictly forbids “bearing false witness” (lying), bearing false witness in the name of Jesus Christ must also be disrespecting what he is meant to take as holy scripture, the Word of God.

    Lying is a very slippery slope. It is borne of human failings. It is a habit of the weak willed and the insecure. If he has been weak-willed and insecure enough to lie about the enormous thing that is meant to be at the very core of his existence, then we can only imagine what other large, medium and smaller lies and deceptions he may have told and perpetrated in other areas of his private and public life. Habits are, by definition, difficult to give up. Imagine how many lies the man must have told in his lifetime?

    The only reason he can have for not admitting his deceptions and apologizing to everyone he has deceived, disrespected, used and taken for imbeciles, seeking their forgiveness, must be that his ego is more precious to him than even the combined value of those many thousands of people impacted by his lies. His ego must mean more to him than evangelism, than ministry, than training pastors, than saving souls, than Christianity, even (dare I say it) than Jesus Christ himself, if even his devotion to what he purports to have committed his life to, is not strong enough to overcome the urge to protect his own ego and seek redemption.

    Even if he were to confess, apologize and seek forgiveness now, how could anyone unequivocally believe him to be being sincere about it, with the sheer volume and long history of self- serving insincerity, deception and dishonesty that he has behind him?

    Evangelism can only have validity if it is manifest that it is God who calls an evangelist into ministry. Caner has now demonstrated to the entire world, that it can sometimes take an entire decade to tell if an evangelist was called to ministry by God or whether the evangelist just woke up one day and decided to appoint himself to minister to others under nobody’s authority but his own.

    He cannot possibly care whether any Muslims are saved (all he ever does is heap insult, hate-filled venom and lies on them – including his father and his entire Turkish bloodline, by the way). Similarly he cannot care whether any evangelists he trained or any Christians he ministered to are saved. The only logical conclusion it’s possible to draw is that he cannot even genuinely care whether he himself is saved. The importance of his ego and his bank account must far outweigh the significance to him of the saving of anybody’s soul.

    Do not worry about his defenders. Each and every time they defend him, they also unwittingly condemn themselves, because in doing so, unfortunately, they unknowingly confirm themselves, in the specific estimation of the very person they choose to defend, as imbeciles who fail to merit Caner’s own reciprocal respect.