Friday, July 13, 2012

Probably my only Ergun Caner gibberish video

Like many of you, I do not speak Arabic, Turkish, Pashto, Dari, or Farsi,.  When speakers of these languages say that Ergun was speaking gibberish; there is little way for me to tell.  However there is one phrase that Ergun has repeated at least three times: April 15, 2005; June 2, 2007; and February 28, 2008.

If he is really quoting a foreign language, one should expect the quote and translation to remain the same over the years.  They sound nothing alike.  Even if he made quoting errors over the years what are the odds that I discovered the only three examples that do not line up?   If you have any other examples, I would be glad to listen to them.

Do they sound the same to you? Skeptics are welcome.

The April 15, 2005 clip can be found here

The June 2, 2007 clip can be found here.  It is the second Islam lecture

The February 28, 2008 clip is from Ergun's Rick and Bubba interview.  The links have recently gone dead.  I will try to get the interview up.  In the mean time, I can email you the interview.  You can request the mp3 at


"Monster" by Peach Stealing Monkies

"A Year Ago" by Pixt

Also I owe the authors of two youtube videos for a lot of the information in this video. First, "frizzleyfrozzle" was the first one who pointed out that Ergun had gave two different phrases with the same translation.

Also James White's "Ergun Caner and Arabic: A Review" has been the best thing that has been done on Ergun's "Arabic".

Also, while I cannot cite a specific video, we all owe a debt to Mohammed Khan who first pointed out Ergun's inconsistencies and gibberish.

PS ~ My video has been mirrored by a MCDebate.  The mirror has not been labeled a mirror or attributed to me.  The title, "Ergun Caner, Fake Ex-Muslim Evangelical Leader Speaks Gibberish In Order to Fool His Audience", is not something that I endorse.  I may hypothesize that it is true, but unlike many that I have cited above, I cannot prove.  I speak none of the possible languages.  Update 8/27/12 - MCDebate has apologized and attributed the video to me. 

Cited Links

Tim Lee's statements

September 25, 2010 article where Ergun says he did not lie.

The unedited Marine videos on Viddler

Unedited Marine Videos on Youtube

Ergun Caner's Apology

Norman Geisler's statements

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