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Why did Ergun get access to our military?

I found this on Ergun's fan page.  I often wonder where our country is going, because we allow fake experts on Islam to train our police, FBI, and servicemen.  Ergun is just one.  Also the commenter is right, you can not vilify, lie about, cheat, and mock any religion and expect them to accept Christ.

Why do people actually do this? There are so many people like him now. Come on I know we Brits joke around but we didn't know Americans could be this DUMB! Who in God's name let him give lectures to the MILITARY?

If you want to vilify Muslims please try harder. You're an embarassment

as one christian said to prove islam wrong u need the gospel..u dont villify lie cheat mock any religion then expect muslims to accept jesus as lord.
PS - Can anyone help me find Ergun's other military lectures?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Canar believes with his Christian heart

March 2, 2003, Ergun told a church that he could no longer travel to Iraq, because he become so infamous.  October 6, 2003, he told the local press that he had been to Iraq that summer. (I love the name misspelling.)  Perhaps, the military flew him in or the invasion of Iraq, begun March 20, 2003 changed the atmosphere that much.
Albany- Southwest Georgians who gathered at the Hope for America Rally for Christian praise and worship got a lesson on world religion.

"This is a war against America the Christian nation," said Ergun Canar, an associate professor of theology at Liberty University in Virginia. Liberty University was founded by Jerry Falwell, a conservative Christian leader.

"This is what we see in Islam," Canar.

Canar believes with his Christian heart that America should be in Iraq. He knows, he says, because he was raised as a Muslim. Canar converted to Christianity 20 years ago after moving here from Turkey with his family.

Today, he's a theology professor who spends much of his time explaining Islam. He says one of the greatest misconceptions Americans have about some Muslims is that we can negotiate with them. He says for the extremists, this is a holy war.

"So for them this is not about negotiation," Canar said. "This is about conquest. This is their crusade."

Canar was in Iraq this summer. What he saw was not people who hate Americans.

"What we have done in Iraq, what our boys are doing as we speak is they have given my people the first opportunity in four generations to hear the gospel, to share their beliefs, to share their opinions without being stoned to death."

Just as worshipers at the rally have the right to freely worship God.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ergun Caner, Porn, and the Champion 2002

As a former prayer leader at Liberty, my mind often flashes back to a prayer leader meeting with Dwayne Carson.  He told the story of a Convocation speaker that was caught buying pornographic movies at the Wingate Hotel, the night before he was to speak in Convo.  Liberty was paying for his hotel, but the speaker thought that he could wake up early, pay his bill and Liberty would be none the wiser.  Little did he know that the man behind the desk was a Liberty student.  The student called the University and the speaker was turned away when he came to speak.

Dwayne told us this story to let us know that the Campus Pastors took who they put in front of students very seriously.  They wanted to make sure that every preacher who spoke was a man or woman of integrity.

I wonder how Ergun made it through.  I thought, well maybe they did not know he made those claims, but below is a Champion article from February 26, 2002.  I vaguely remember the convocation the article references.
Years ago, he lived in constant fear. Always wondering, if he died that day, would Allah find him at least 51 percent good? Ergun Michael Mehmet Giovanni Caner, the son of a Muslim pastor, now not only lives in peace and joy, but also shares how God's grace changed his life in 1982. Caner shares his testimony and information about the Islamic faith often. After the Sept. 11 attacks he was called in to the UN to address Muslim thinking.

Caner, Professor of Systematic Theology and Church History at Criswell College, briefly shared his testimony and a message at convocation on Monday, Feb. 18. Caner attended Criswell College at the same time that campus pastor Dwayne Carson attended. They remain good friends.

"Until I was 17, I thought my life would be in service of Allah," Caner said. He was born into a Muslim family in Stockholm, Sweden and raised in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. In 1978 his family moved to Brooklyn, N. Y., where he said he learned English for the first time.

In high school, he faithfully pulled out his rug three times a day and went in the bathroom to recite the Islamic creed, he said. Most people made fun of him, but one day a friend invited Caner to attend a revival service at his small Baptist church. He went.

"That little church loved me to the cross and preached Jesus to a kid who didn't know who Jesus was," Caner said. He described the relief he felt in finding out he did not have to work his way to salvation.

Though his father, an Islamic pastor, disowned him when he became Christian, his two brothers, mother and grandmother have now all received Christ.

Caner explained that Muslims believe everyone is born with two angels, one on each shoulder, constantly weighing that person's good and bad deeds.

Life is lived in fear of the scales and a hope that when they die Allah will find them at least 51 percent good. The only eternal security a Muslim can have is in martyrdom.

"Those 19 men thought that by shedding blood, they'd find forgiveness," Caner said of the men involved in the suicide terrorist flights of Sept. 11.

When asked if he believed whether Osama bin Laden was still alive, he said, "Yes, because if a Muslim knows he's dead, he must be proclaimed a martyr." It is one of the protocols of Jihad that if a Muslim dies a martyr, any Muslim who knows is obligated to tell it to others.

Caner's message came from Acts 16, when Paul and Silas were imprisoned. He noted how the men praised God in prison and did not flee when the doors were opened so that the jailer and his family could be saved.

"In Acts, the jail was turning into a church house, but today many churches act like jail houses," Caner said. "The secret is that it's better to be in prison with God than in the palace without him." He said that too often church has become tradition and drudgery.

"It takes a true man of God to praise when nobody else is," Caner said.

After Caner spoke many students went up front to meet with him. He made a point to say hello to each one.

"I like his testimony," freshman Nora Willsher said. "The message was really good and I really liked him."
 So there you have it.  Before Ergun came to work for Liberty, he told the Liberty students that "born into a Muslim family in Stockholm, Sweden and raised in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. In 1978 his family moved to Brooklyn, N. Y., where he said he learned English for the first time."  Liberty knew what he was about.

PS ~ I do not know what Dwayne's current position is on Ergun's fabrications.  I was just trying to point out that in this instance they swallowed the camel.

PSS ~ Ergun maintains publicly that he did not intentionally mislead the Champion into believing that he was "raised in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria" and moved to Brooklyn, NY in 1978.  He maintains he was trying to say that he moved to the United States in 1969 and gained his citizenship in 1978.  According to Dr. Norman Geisler, it was well known that he gained his citizenship in 1978. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Confronting Culture on the Frontlines

When does Ergun confront culture on the frontlines? He works at a Christian college.  He regularly travels on the weekends to preach at churches.  He spends weeks of his summer teaching at Christian youth camps.  He blocks his critics: Atheist, Muslim, and Christian.

When does he find the time to confront culture on the frontlines?  He seems to spend most of his time around friendly audiences, many of which pay to see him.

PS - For some reason this unsourced little rant has become one of the most popular things on the blog.  I would recommend some of the sourced material.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ergun Caner: Does Emir Know? - Perspective

After 9/11, Ergun Caner became a popular speaker. However, he was prone to lying about his past. This particular video series deals with the irreconcilable versions that Ergun has presented about his brothers’ conversions. In 2001, he began saying that he converted November 4, 1982 and a year later, he preached a seven minute sermon. That Sunday night his brothers supposedly converted. However, Ergun and his brother Emir wrote a bestselling book. In Unveiling Islam, Ergun converted. His brother, Erdem, converted in their basement. Then a year later, Emir, not Ergun, converted November 4, 1982. Around 2009, he began saying that it was not until he was away at college that he found out his brothers converted.

Now on with the show.

Pastor’s Perspective interviewed Ergun Caner January 2010. Ergun said many things incorrectly about himself. He said he came to America as a fiery young man. He came to the United States before his fourth birthday. He said, he was completely disowned by his family. However, his parents were divorced at the time. He was disowned by his father and continued to reside with his mother and brothers. He then repeated again the claim that he lost his family. Again, he continued to live with his mother who was not a Muslim. Don’t take my word for it.

Brian - It is really the battle of between the political correctness or essentially liberalism and Islam. And liberalism can’t battle Islam, because they don’t really even know what they’re up against.

Ergun – They don’t know what to do with someone who believes in absolutes. They have no problem with modern Buddhism which becomes part of the ecology movement. They have no problem with Hinduism, which is part of the environmental movement.

But they have a real problem with Islam, because Islam doesn’t play well with others. They won’t meld. They won’t mesh. They won't dilute. Islam is Islam - and that was me coming to America: a fiery young man - all three of us, the three sons from our mother - all three of us devout Muslims - our father just this hero to us and when I converted - disowned by my family - completely disowned - father cut me out of the pictures - a year later both of my brothers became believers.

All three of us have preached. Myself and my youngest brother, the one who writes with me, we are both presidents of universities and we decided that we would write under our own name, because most of those who write books about Islam, Norman Geisler wrote an incredible book with Abdul Saleeb. Well, Abdul Saleeb means in Arabic, slave of the cross. The use assumed names, because it is the problem. Muslims will say how dare you say these things? And I point out the irony, so you are saying stop saying we are violent or you will kill me.

You know, where do you draw that line? It is why it is easier to make fun of Christians, because Christians won’t fight back.

Brian – Yeah, well I’ll tell you along those lines, when I was living in London, there was a producer in some part of Europe, whether it was Italy or France or somewhere and they made a very blasphemous movie about Christ and they were coming to London to premier the movie and guess what the Muslims stood up and said if you come and show this movie, we will blow up the theater, we will kill you, and of course they changed their mind and decided not to do the premier. I thought that was interesting that we got Muslims coming to the assistance of Christ.

Ergun – And the reason they do so is the Christ that they defend is not the Christ of the Bible. You know Mohammed basically, I get this all the time about the Allah, Jehovah. How do you witness to a Muslim? How do I explain to them? The insider movement, can I say that Allah, I want to tell you about Allah’s son? And I’ve never in twenty years of debates, discussions, interviews, etc, I’ve never met one Muslim who has ever said that the Allah of the Quran is the same as the God the Bible. Never. It’s only glue sniffing Christians who will turn around and say oh come on you know it’s the same God. It is deceptive and it is a lie. Muslims are adamant and Christians should be adamant. They are as adamant as we used to be.

Now there are still people who are very adamant, but by and large Christianity has become C.S. Lewis’s classic, Men without Chests. You know we have no guts.

Brian – You’re not in that category.

Ergun – I don’t you think you are either. But after I lost, you know I lose my family, what else can you lose? I lost my family, my culture, my language, my people. I knew nothing. I’m this kid who never had AWANA, never had Vacation Bible School, never had Sunday School, and now I am a believer in Jesus. For me the first thing you should do is go to the mosque and tell them about this grace. The first thing that you should do is tell everyone that you know. I can’t imagine a silent Christianity.

Brian - Now how was it that your brothers came to faith? Was it through your witness to them or?

Ergun- No, it was through the work of others. It was through the work of others. I was disowned. And I find out that my brothers had become Christians, I'm in college. And so it is what I hammer a lot, about the anonymous, the silent, behind-the-scenes, in the shadows kind of Christians who literally do the work that guys like ourselves cannot do.

Ergun is asked how his brothers came to Christ. He said, he could not witness to his brothers, because he was disowned. He answered that found out his brothers were Christians in college.

This is curious. As you know, Ergun was born in 1966. If he was saved in 1982, as he has claimed, he could not have been any older than 16 years old. Emir has claimed in numerous locations that he was saved, November 4, 1982. Again the oldest Ergun could have been was 16. 16 is not a likely age for a college freshman.

Does Emir know about this?

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Kamal Saleem may think that God works like in My Little Pony

Kamal seems to have a cartoon idea of super sonic speed.  He makes me think of this.

Kamal's supersonic God eagle to scale

Traveling at the speed of sound an object would leave this image in three seconds.
A couple of months ago, when I had more time, I did a video about Kamal saying he saw a vision of God as a supersonic eagle.  I tried to point out that the human eye has visibility limits and the speed of sound is really fast.  The image above is drawn to scale with one pixel representing one foot. Scaled, the picture is about three mach seconds wide (3378 ft).  Kamal is standing on the mountain.  The female eagle is below him.  The approximate maximum distance Kamal could have seen a soaring eagle with an 8 foot wing span is 952 feet.  The furthest the eagle could have traveled was 1016 ft, which is less than one mach second.

This is a blow up of the image to one mach second
I know this is supposed to be a vision, but there is no way that Kamal could have observed an eagle traveling at supersonic speeds, because the eagle would have disappeared in less than a second.  

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There seems to be a futility

I could make videos about Ergun's conferences and camps.  However any video I made would pretty much follow the model of the En Fuego 2012 video.

  1. You say that you are this type of organization and your goals are such.
  2. Ergun is a lying preacher and worse he maintains that he has never lied once in his sermons.
  3. This conflicts with your mission.
  4. Therefore you should not have an unrepentant liar as a speaker for your event.
After many emails to various individuals, I am pretty certain that most people who would have Ergun as a speaker would not cancel him if they found out that he is a dishonest preacher.  

Also, during the summer, most of Ergun's events are youth camps.  I try to leave minors out of this.  En Fuego was not necessarily a youth event.

Ergun Caner is taking another Israel trip

Ergun is leading another Israel trip for Arlington Baptist College next year.  This brings to mind something that he said when he led one for Liberty University.  In his Garden of Gethsemane sermon, he noted that he came to Israel twice as a Muslim.  While this is not impossible, Ergun was forbidden to travel outside of the country with his father by April 1978.  His mother was concerned.  (His parents had separated about three years prior to when Ergun was about 8 or 9.)

So after the age of 11, Ergun was forbidden to go to Israel.  Geisler has speculated that Acar took Ergun to Turkey several times.  He did not say whether these trips were before 1978 or after.  Perhaps, his mother did permit Acar to take Ergun outside of the US, ignoring the separation agreement.  Also, perhaps his students should ask him about those first two trips.