Saturday, September 22, 2012

See he can tell the truth

I found this on Scribd and thought it was interesting. It links to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune from July 7, 2002 that is no longer available on the web.    

Ex-Muslims in Hot Seat for Calling Islam a Violent Faith

When the Caner boys came into the world, their Turkish-born father, Acar, the man who called the faithful to prayer at the mosque, whispered in their ears the words they were to live by: "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.

"But they were living in Columbus, Ohio, far from Acar's Sunni Muslim origins. After their parents separated, others were soon whispering in the Caner boys' ears.

Ergun Caner, the oldest of Acar's three boys, was the first to convert.  He was 15 when he accepted a friend's invitation to a weeklong church revival.

To him, his relationship with Allah was impersonal, ritualistic. The message he got at Stelzer Baptist Church was something completely different."Christ died for man. That was one thing for me to hear. It was quite another thing for me to hear that Christ died for me. Ha. Then it becomes personal," says Ergun, now 35. "I thought this was good news for all Muslims."

Instead of welcoming the news, Acar Caner told his son he no longer wanted to see him. When younger brothers Emir and Erdem (who now goes by Mark) went for visitation with their father, there was no talk of Ergun; their elder brother's face hadbeen cut from family photographs.

Despite that,the two younger brothers soon followed Ergun's path, with the same results.
This just goes to show that Ergun is capable of telling the truth.  I only have one audio example of Ergun telling this version of events.  Unfortunately he intentionally makes so many errors in his sermons that I have to edit my videos for time.  He provides a lot of material to guys like me.   Remember that less than a year before this interview, he was telling Prestonwood Baptist that he converted as a 17 year old on November 4, 1982.  

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