Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kamal seems to suggest that there is something wrong with us

Maybe later I will do more with Kamal.  Ergun lies a lot about himself.  Kamal makes outrageous claims about others and himself.  A couple of months ago Kamal claimed that the President's babysitter wears an abaya and veil.  Yet, he was on several episodes with Liberty Counsel, the FRC's Values Voter Summit, and Janet Parshall's show.  I am not much for guilt by association, but what is wrong with these groups that they are selling Kamal's nonsense?  Supposedly all these organizations are listening to a divine voice.  Still, arguably it worse.  Below is the bio from Janet's show.

Kamal Saleem

Kamal Saleem was born into a large Sunni Muslim Lebanese family in the heart of the Middle East, where he learned Islamic radicalism by his mother, and taught to hate Jews and Christians by his father. Recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood for jihadi militancy as a small child, he completed his first bloody terror mission into Israel for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) at the age of seven.

A near-fatal auto accident caused Kamal Saleem to confront Judeo-Christian ethic: Rescued from the wreckage and nursed back to health by devout Christians, he defected entirely from Islam. Kamal Saleem eventually married an American Christian woman, Victoria. Kamal Saleem has shared his knowledge of Islamist tactics and conquest plans with audiences at Berkeley, Mich., and in the Ivy League; in synagogues, mega-churches, foundations, and the United Jewish Appeal (Aspen); on major U.S. media and talk shows; and with U.S. military leaders, security agents, the U.S. Air Force Academy, private contractors, and law enforcement specialists.

Like Ergun, Kamal has had access to our military and government.  Kamal's ventures into the secular realm should motivate us as taxpayers to do something. 

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