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Ergun Caner: Does Emir Know? - The Long Clip

The main point of this video series has been that these errors by Dr. Ergun Caner occur too often and too purposefully to be accidental misstatements. Ergun claims, even today, to have converted in the same year, during the same month, on the same day, and even on the same day of the week as his brother Emir. Let’s say I accept that one was an accident, OK. Ergun also claims to have been a High School Senior, on that day November 4, 1982. OK, let’s say I accept that one was an accident. Ergun also maintains, November 4, 1982 was his fourth year in High School and Jerry had pursued him for four years. He even counts out the years frequently on stage. Let’s say that I accept that Ergun often does not remember his correct graduation year. What are the odds that he would make all these errors in the same sermon? What are the odds that he would consistently make these errors in almost every sermon that I have available to listen to?

What are the odds that he would claim that his brothers converted while he was a Freshman in college too? I hope you see that as you start adding the errors that he consistently makes about himself and others it becomes increasingly unlikely that he made these mistakes accidentally. At this point I am not even really pointing out the three different versions of Emir’s testimony that Ergun provides.

This is probably the longest clip I have provided.  

Complete Transcript:

Previously on Moses Model

Emir converted November 4, 1982

Ergun maintains that he never intentionally misled anyone. What are the odds that I can provide you with two more examples of him claiming he converted the same day that his brother?

Prestonwood Baptist Church, 2001

November 4, 1982

Decatur Baptist Church, January 12, 2005

November 4, 1982

First Baptist Church Pearl City, June 1, 2007

[Indiscernible] It was November 4, 1982.

The Downtown Church, April 19, 2008

I went home, November 4, 1982

Generally Ergun falsely claims to have been a High School Senior in 1982 during his conversion.

First Baptist Church Pearl City, June 1, 2007

He started when we were Freshmen in High School in Gahanna Lincoln High School in Gahanna, Ohio. He did not stop until I was a Senior going into my Senior year.

Canyon Creek Baptist Sermon, July 31, 2011

Started my Freshman year and wouldn’t quit until my Senior year.

C3 Church Sermon, January 1, 2012

Finally going into my Senior year, I decide, ‘You know what? I’ll show you.

Fortress of Faith interview, June 4, 2012

He kept coming and finally going into my Senior year in High School, I decided I’d take him up on his challenge.

If he converted as a High School Senior, the logical inference is that he was a High School graduate a year later when his brothers converted.

What if I can provide you with an example of him claiming to have converted November 4, 1982 with a bonus? What if I can provide you with Ergun saying also that he was in college when his brothers converted?

If all of this is unintentional What are the odds that such an example exists?

Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, January 25, 2009

(34:25) I lasted four days in that church. You could fit three of that church just into this room at Calvary Chapel. On a good Sunday you would have sixty people maybe, sixty. Eighty, they could have fit if they all lost weight. They were big uns.

I lasted four days. By Thursday night I was seated right here where this gentlemen with the glasses is, second row, because I wanted to sit alone and all the Baptists were in the back. But I didn’t know what the bulletin meant. I didn’t know that I had to wait. I didn’t know what an invitation was. In the middle of the sermon when I felt, ‘he’s talking right at me.’ I stepped out and walk to the front. There Clarence was, handkerchief in hand, preaching ‘der, der, der, what?’ There’s this boy standing in front of him in full gear. I said, ‘[other language], I believe Jesus is God.’ ‘I want saved.’ November 4, 1982 and he said, ‘Could you wait for the invitation?’ Because apparently in Baptist church, you have to wait until we are singing 842 verses of ‘Just as I am’ or ‘I have decided’ or ‘Jesus is tenderly calling’ or ‘Pass me not’ or ‘Softly and tenderly’. I didn’t know. And I said, ‘No’. So he stopped preaching, turned me around, faced the crowd, and led me to Christ. Amen.

I don’t live by scales. I live by the cross. I live by the shed blood of Calvary. I live, because Jesus died for me. Every other world religion has men who die for their gods. Only Jesus Christ, God died for man. That’s why I am not religious, I’m saved. Well, all you people are so religious [raspberry]. I’m born again, that’s different. I have an intimate relationship with the one who died for me.

We went to afterglow. That’s where all the youth went out after church. Denny’s, IHop, etc. I took my keffiyeh off, told the waitress, I was saved, ordered ham. All about my ham. I go home and tell my father and I told my father. ‘Papa, [other language], Jesus is my Lord and Savior.’ And it was the last day, I saw my Dad. For some of us in this room that is a heart breaking thing, not for me. In 36 countries around the globe, some represented right here in this room, right now, to convert from Islam to anything is punishable by death. You are buried up to your waist in your burial cloth and stoned to death as a consequence of your conversion. My father was doing an act of mercy and my church became my family.

Those of you in this room who serve in countless different ways, on behalf of all the kids that you love, that you will never see again, ‘Thank you’. For the rest of us in this room, if you want a place where you can serve that has eternal significance, how about loving the kids who nobody else loves. You know those kids who show up, we call them ‘church orphans’. Their parents don’t come, but they are alive. Their shirt’s on inside out. Their shoes don’t match. Their socks aren’t on. They may not smell as nice as everybody else. But you who pick them up, you who teach them, Sunday School, work with them through the week, go with them on retreats, in March, the Senior High School retreat, up all night when you want to strangle them, do you know what you’re doing? You are loving the ones that the world threw away. Because that was me. There were a lot of people holding my pallet. A lot of anonymous saints who loved me when I was unlovable.

I was in college eight months later. My phone rang. I discovered that both my brothers had gotten saved. My father had other wives. Amen. My father had other wives, but from our mother all three boys, Ergun, Erdem, and Emir. All three born again. All three married to hot Christian wives. You go to Facebook, man, and look at pictures of my wife. My wife is fergalicious, man. All three of us in full time Christian ministry. Emir, my youngest brother, is the president of Truet-Mcconnel college in Georgia. Erdem preaches in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m at Liberty with your kids, because one boy, one boy wouldn’t shut up, one church, one pastor, one pastor’s wife.

Yuki Miller was from Japan. Clarence met her when he was overseas. They were a mixed marriage too. And Yuki was this tall. Couldn't understand a word she was saying, she'd start praying, we do a prayer thing at night, all join hands, and she'd start: [using exaggerated far-east accent]'Heavenry Faddah - we thanka you fo [unintelligible] today.' Man, I didn't know what she was saying, but she was talking to somebody I wanted to know. God help the man who missed Sunday School. Yuki would show up at your door, Thursday night visitation. ‘You come church now!’ ‘Ergun what’s wrong with you?’ ‘Yes, Miss Yuki.’

Nine years later, nine years later, 1991, I am serving at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Vincennes, Indiana. My phone rings and my Mom had gotten saved through the testimony, through the testimony, through the testimony of a woman. You see my Mom had three sons who were an embarrassment to her. She wouldn’t listen to three boys who were preachers. Somebody else loved her.

And in 1995, at almost the age of 100, my Grandmother got saved. My Mom is a church planter in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Grandma, five foot tall and shrinking, meanest woman on the planet, anybody got a mean grandma? They beat the living tar out of you? Anybody else? Grandma wouldn’t negotiate. Grandma wouldn’t do timeout. Grandma would do knockout. Chokeout. Blackout. That’s my Grandma. When my Grandma got saved somebody blew up the Quran, the Bible, like her Quran was large print. They got the idea. They got a big Bible and blew it up. Led her to Jesus. Emir, my youngest brother, got to baptize her. Stood in the waters with her, started crying. I’m sitting in the crowd weeping. Erdem, weeping. Our wives, weeping. Grandmother looked up at Emir, smacked him. Smacked him in the baptistery, ‘Do it!’ That is what she said.

My father had other wives. My father died in '99, never accepted Jesus. I have half-brothers and sisters who don't know Jesus.


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