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See he can tell the truth

I found this on Scribd and thought it was interesting. It links to an article in the Salt Lake Tribune from July 7, 2002 that is no longer available on the web.    

Ex-Muslims in Hot Seat for Calling Islam a Violent Faith

When the Caner boys came into the world, their Turkish-born father, Acar, the man who called the faithful to prayer at the mosque, whispered in their ears the words they were to live by: "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.

"But they were living in Columbus, Ohio, far from Acar's Sunni Muslim origins. After their parents separated, others were soon whispering in the Caner boys' ears.

Ergun Caner, the oldest of Acar's three boys, was the first to convert.  He was 15 when he accepted a friend's invitation to a weeklong church revival.

To him, his relationship with Allah was impersonal, ritualistic. The message he got at Stelzer Baptist Church was something completely different."Christ died for man. That was one thing for me to hear. It was quite another thing for me to hear that Christ died for me. Ha. Then it becomes personal," says Ergun, now 35. "I thought this was good news for all Muslims."

Instead of welcoming the news, Acar Caner told his son he no longer wanted to see him. When younger brothers Emir and Erdem (who now goes by Mark) went for visitation with their father, there was no talk of Ergun; their elder brother's face hadbeen cut from family photographs.

Despite that,the two younger brothers soon followed Ergun's path, with the same results.
This just goes to show that Ergun is capable of telling the truth.  I only have one audio example of Ergun telling this version of events.  Unfortunately he intentionally makes so many errors in his sermons that I have to edit my videos for time.  He provides a lot of material to guys like me.   Remember that less than a year before this interview, he was telling Prestonwood Baptist that he converted as a 17 year old on November 4, 1982.  

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ergun Caner: Does Emir Know? - The Long Clip

The main point of this video series has been that these errors by Dr. Ergun Caner occur too often and too purposefully to be accidental misstatements. Ergun claims, even today, to have converted in the same year, during the same month, on the same day, and even on the same day of the week as his brother Emir. Let’s say I accept that one was an accident, OK. Ergun also claims to have been a High School Senior, on that day November 4, 1982. OK, let’s say I accept that one was an accident. Ergun also maintains, November 4, 1982 was his fourth year in High School and Jerry had pursued him for four years. He even counts out the years frequently on stage. Let’s say that I accept that Ergun often does not remember his correct graduation year. What are the odds that he would make all these errors in the same sermon? What are the odds that he would consistently make these errors in almost every sermon that I have available to listen to?

What are the odds that he would claim that his brothers converted while he was a Freshman in college too? I hope you see that as you start adding the errors that he consistently makes about himself and others it becomes increasingly unlikely that he made these mistakes accidentally. At this point I am not even really pointing out the three different versions of Emir’s testimony that Ergun provides.

This is probably the longest clip I have provided.  

Complete Transcript:

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November 4, 1982...What if?

I think I am owed a little sarcasm:

I have listened to several interviews with a fake psychic.  He tells stories about how he would just make things up to see how many people would believe it.  One day, he told people about his own life as if it was their reading.  They bought it.  He invented reading bananas.  They bought it.

Sometimes I wonder if Ergun and Emir put their heads together before 9/11 or shortly after.  "Let us tell everyone that we were saved on the same day, November 4, 1982.  Then let us, tell everyone that there was a year between our conversions.  Then when people start asking questions, we can call them pharisees.  How long do you think we can keep that up?"

PS ~ Obviously I have no way of knowing if this is true. I am not claiming that it is true. I am just trying to voice my frustration.  In my video series, Does Emir Know?, I have assumed that Emir's claim to November 4, 1982 is the valid one.  It is the one that was put into print and published in 2002.  Still, Ergun's famous 2001 sermon at Prestonwood predates the book's publication.  Also, obviously I have far more instances of Ergun claiming the date rather than Emir. 

I have two more instances of Ergun claiming he converted November 4, 1982.  One of them is even from 2012.  I think this brings the total up to seven so far. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Ergun Caner has huge eggs (huevos)

Warning this is a rant. If you are looking for a slow and well-reasoned argument, example by example watch my other videos.

Also Huevos is Spanish for eggs. It is a euphemism for something else… The comparable euphemism in English would be…

So this video will be PG rather than G.

However it will not be as bad as

Marine Corps Air Station New River, April 15, 2005

‘Um excuse me, why are you always picking on Canada?’ Because our Salvation Army could kick your *beep* if we wanted it to.

But more like

Marine Corps Air Station New River, April 15, 2005

…pants so tight that you can actually see the seam split the mangina.

On to the show

Reverend: They mocked the Lord too, didn’t they. And they smote him and they spat upon him and he turned to them his other cheek.
Other townsman: Look, Reverend, we don't want to smite 'em back. We just want to make 'em stop.

Ergun Caner has Huge Huevos

Let me sum it up for you.

After 9/11, a former Muslim wrote several books and delivered hundreds of sermons around the globe making false claims. In 2009, youtubers and bloggers began to acquire evidence: His father’s will, his parents’ divorce papers, his High School Yearbook, etc… In May of 2010, newspapers found these same documents and started debunking many of Ergun’s claims.

This is why Ergun has Huge Huevos

If I was debunked by the associated press in USA Today, I would stop making the same claims. Since Liberty University’s investigation, I only have 13 interviews, sermons, and lectures from 2010, 2011, and 2012. Still every time, when he mentions when he was converted , he claims he converted in his senior year.

Mt. Airy Bible Church, May 7, 2011

…my senior year…

Canyon Creek Baptist Church, July 31, 2011

…my senior year…

C3 Church, January 1, 2012

Finally going into my Senior year, I decide, ‘You know what? I’ll show you.’ And I went, I walked, I said ‘alright, I’ll come, come, come I’ll come.‘ And I walked into the Stelzer Road Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio, right near the airport.

Fortress of Faith, June 4, 2012

…in my senior year in High School…

Wealth of Prophecy, July 30, 2012

…my senior year in High School…

Ergun Caner has Huge Huevos

Ergun was born November 3, 1966. His 18th birthday was November 3, 1984. His Senior year was 1983-84. Emir claims that he was saved a year after Ergun, November 4, 1982, the day after Ergun's 16th birthday. The oldest that Ergun could have been converted was 15 years old and a Sophomore in High School. Google it.

Ergun Caner has Huge Huevos

He is still claiming that Jerry Tackett pursued him for four years, during his Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year.

West Cabarrus Church, July 18, 2010

One boy, one boy heard from God. Jerry Tackett. And when nobody believed him and when he kept coming and I kept telling him, ‘no’, Freshman year, Sophomore year, Junior year.

Mt. Airy Bible Church, May 7, 2011

Jerry Tackett kept coming after me. Every time I said, ‘no’, he found another way to ask. Freshman year, Sophomore year, Junior year in High School, going into my Senior year, finally I said, ‘You know what?’ ‘Why don’t you stop?’

Canyon Creek Baptist Church, July 31, 2011

Jerry Tackett saw me isolated. Started my freshman year and wouldn’t quit until my senior year.

C3 Church, January 1, 2012

Jerry Tackett hunted me…Freshman year…Sophomore year…Junior year.

Fortress of Faith, June 1, 2012

Well, it was a young man, I started as a Freshman in High School and his name was Jerry Tackett, from Columbus, Ohio. And there in High School, this young man, he did something that I find extraordinary these days. He didn’t take the first, ‘no’ or the second, ‘no’. He kept coming for three years.

Fortress of Faith, June 4, 2012

Yeah a few times, for three years, I told him, ‘no’. I didn’t want to hear anything about the gospel. I was, we were very devout Muslims. We lived in Columbus. My father was building the mosque that eventually came on Broad Street. We wanted nothing to do with you as Christians. If you can say openly hostile, maybe passively hostile however you want to say that, I wanted nothing to do with this guy, but he wouldn’t quit. You know, again how many of us, if we share the gospel and somebody says ‘no’ we move on. There was no moving on. He kept coming and finally going into my Senior year in High School, I decided I’d take him up on his challenge.

Wealth of Prophecy, July 30, 2012

That was it. It was the testimony of one boy named, Jerry Tackett, a Kentucky boy, a matter of fact. His Dad was an old Kentucky man who had gotten saved. Jerry Tackett, just would not give up on me. Jerry Tackett started when I was a Freshman in High School and continued coming after me all the way until our Senior year in High School.

Again the oldest Ergun could have been converted was 15 years old and a Sophomore in High School. The most Jerry could have pursued him was two years.

He is still claiming his brothers converted when he was in college.

Mt. Airy Bible Church, May 7, 2011

A year later, I’m in college. I was getting something that I didn’t deserve. Every day I get something that I don’t deserve. Every day. I find out both my brothers got saved.

Canyon Creek Baptist Church, July 31, 2011

A year later, I am in college and I find out that God has met my boys at the well, both my brothers got saved. Somebody shared the gospel with them, and someone shared the gospel with me.

C3 Church, January 1, 2012

We ain’t got time. We ain’t got time. We got to go. But really quick, year later, I’m disowned. A year later, I am studying for the ministry. I lose my family and I find out my church is my family. Both brothers got saved.

According to Unveiling Islam, Erdem converted less than a year after Ergun's conversion. Emir converted November 4, 1982 a year after Ergun's conversion during the fall of Ergun's Junior year of High School.

This is one of two claims that caught me by surprise. If he converted as a High School Senior, the logical inference is that he was a High School graduate a year later when his brothers converted. When I first started researching, I never thought he would actually claim so and claim so, often.

Ergun Caner has Huge Huevos

After everything he continues to claim his father divorced his mother, because he and his brothers converted to Christianity.

Mt. Airy Bible Church, May 7, 2011

My parents divorced, my father blamed my mother for our conversions.

Ergun's parents’ divorce was finalized in 1978, at least 2-3 years before Ergun's conversion. This is the second claim that caught me by surprise. I often wondered why Ergun did not mention his parents’ divorce in any of the sermons that I had listened to so far. I was shocked when I found three sermons where he made these false claims.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I only have 13 samples of Ergun speaking from the beginning of Liberty University’s investigation till today. In every example, when he makes a claim about his conversion in High School or his parents’ divorce he gets it wrong. His defenders want me to believe that this is a non-representative sample. OK? Then why would all the examples, available on the internet, be biased towards him making false claims? If Ergun making false claims was the exception, not the rule, the sample should be biased towards him making true claims.

His defenders want me to believe that these examples are only misstatements. Again, why would all the examples, available on the internet, be biased towards misstatements? Furthermore every one of these false claims has been made by him multiple times throughout his post 9/11 career. If these really were misstatements, wouldn’t you expect an anointed man of God to stop after having been corrected on a national level?

Also it takes big huevos to continue to accidentally say your father divorced your mother because he blamed her for your conversion. It takes big huevos to continue to accidentally say that your brothers converted while you were in college.

Really? You expect me to believe that Ergun just can’t get his story straight? Links to the unedited clips are available in the description. What do you think he meant?

I, for one, think that this is clear evidence of him lying through his teeth. He knows his life story. He lived it. Still after everything, he continues to misrepresent it. Still after everything, pastors, teachers, and event organizers continue to invite him to lie to you.

Look, Reverend, we don't want to smite 'em back. We just want to make 'em stop.

Mt. Airy Bible Church, May 7, 2011

My wife is hot, hot, hot. Like we stand side by side and people will go. All the time, all the time, Dr. Geisler will tell you.


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Ergun teaching that one should block their critics

Below the fold is a list of Ergun tweeting that critics should be blocked.  Also, he seems to have a circular definition of Pharisee.   Ergun says Pharisees attack other Christians, but he attacks other Christians for being Pharisees. 

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