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Mother smuggling and Ergun Caner - Introduction

Here we are coming to Ergun Caner’s claims on his father’s polygamy. Elsewhere I have wondered out loud if Emir knows about his brother’s unsubstantiated claims. A few times, I have even questioned how Emir can proclaim Ergun’s “unquestionable Christian character” when he lies so absolutely about their own mother and father.

While not directly challenging Emir, this video series will establish that many times Ergun has claimed his father had multiple wives at the same time. These claims have been made too directly and too frequently to be accidental misstatements.

First lets lay a little ground work. Ergun’s parents separated in 1975 and finalized their divorce in 1978. These documents are uncontested. In defending Ergun, Norman Geisler, noted:

Further, that Ergun was reared a devout Muslim is proven by his father’s testimony recorded in the divorce proceedings documents which ironically Ergun’s critic placed on the internet.

In another defense, he referenced the order of events.

After the divorce, he was raised by his mother who obviously had not disowned him since she was no longer a Muslim. But his Muslim father who had remarried did disown him.

Relevant portions are made available in the description below.

Norman also noted.

Ergun’s father did have two wives, having divorced the first one. He had three sons by his first wife (Ergun and his two brothers). So, Ergun has two full brothers and two step-sisters (from his father’s second wife). While speaking quickly on one occasion, he mistakenly called his brothers his “half” brothers. This is hardly evidence of an attempt to embellish or deceive. After all, he had the right number of each sibling, and he didn’t claim to have ten brothers or sisters!

OK, Ergun’s father, Acar, having only two wives and only being married to one at a time, is not in dispute. Given this, lets cue the clip from 2003.

Ashburn Baptist March 2, 2003

Man and woman are equal Surah 2 tells us, but a man has a degree over her. Mohammed said, it takes the testimony of two women to equal the testimony of one man, because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind. Hadith volume 9, please look that up. And that’s why in thirty-eight countries around the world, it takes the testimony of two women to equal the testimony of one man. Mohammed said that hellfire is filled with two thirds women. This is the doctrine of women.

How many wives is a man allowed to have in Islam? Four! Four, up to four. Two, three, or four based on what he can financially afford. That is from Surah 4 of the Quran. How many husbands is a woman allowed to have? Just one. And ladies even if your husband dies you do not have a choice. If in Islamic doctrine, if your husband dies you must go to his brothers. So I want all the women in the room right now to think about their brother in laws. Do you know why I like telling people this? Because it is always inevitable the women will go “ewww” and all the men look back. Even though we are talking about their death, the guy is going, “There ain’t nothing wrong with my brother.” “He’s a good man, he’s a good man, I tell you.” But you do not have a choice.

Who is allowed to divorce? The man all he has to do is face Mecca and begin the Nicah. [indiscernible] He disowns her. Three times he says I disown you, I divorce you. And you are divorced. You don’t get any land. You get nothing.

For those of you who have friends and family who are dating Muslim men or know a woman who is, please write down this verse. Surah 4:34 and I quote, fourth chapter of the Quran, “If a man fears disloyalty from his wife, first he must admonish her, secondly refuse to share the bed with her, thirdly beat her.”

On open line radio with Wayne Shepherd, I was debating Muslim woman scholar and this was the Moody show, the Wayne Shepherd thing, and he said she’s on the line and she wants to disagree with what you say. She calls in and she said, “You do not understand. You have quoted this verse three times and you do not understand in the Arabic, that means to tap her lightly.”

I had two answers. Number one, I do understand the Arabic. I do read the Arabic and no, it doesn’t mean to tap her lightly. And secondly, are you insane? Let me tell you what my wife says. My wife says if I ever tap her lightly, I will quote, “I will stomp a mud hole in you and I will walk it dry.” Do you understand why some women wear, a burqa covers many wounds.

A Hijab can refer to a head scarf or a traditional dress code covering of the entire body except the face, hands, and feet
There are three outfits that a woman will wear. One is called the hijab and that covers everything but the face and the hands and the feet. Because again, you have to check her toes. Secondly, it is the Niqab that covers everything, but it also covers the eye. And thirdly is the burqa and you say “barqa”.

My mother found out late in her marriage that my father was married to more than one woman. I don’t want anyone else to deal with this.

Does anyone have any questions on the issue of women? Yes, my sister. I will come back to that, if a man marries a Muslim woman. Let me answer the question about the brother. If their brothers, if a man has two brothers, but they are already married to four women, or they got the most they can take care of. She must go to his uncles. So there is the possibility that you could be thirty married to a seventy-five year old man. And then if the uncles are dead or don’t want a wife you must then by proxy go to the nephews, his nephews. So the possibility is that you could be thirty and married to a man who is seventeen or fourteen and have to raise yet another.

There are many locations where Ergun claims that his father had quote, “many wives” or quote “other wives”. Ergun’s defenders point out that two can be quote “many” also perhaps “other wives” was a slip of the tongue. However how do you explain,

My mother found out late in her marriage that my father was married to more than one woman. I don’t want anyone else to deal with this.

It seems like a definite lie to me. Ergun clearly knows that his father never had more than one wife at a time.

My mother found out late in her marriage that my father was married to more than one woman. I don’t want anyone else to deal with this.

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"20 Things You Must Know to Witness to a Muslim" - Ashburn Baptist Church - Chicago, Il - March 2, 2003 Link


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Correction - I posted a correction to the caption on the picture.  While a hijab is a head scarf, it can also refer to the entire traditional Islamic dress code "calling for the covering of the entire body except theface, hands, and feet."  Still, anyone wearing any of those articles of Islamic clothing would be observing hijab.  So I am unclear why Ergun makes the distinction. 

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