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Ergun Caner: Does Emir Know? - November 4, 1982

Ergun maintains that he never intentionally misled anyone. What are the odds that I can provide you with three more examples of him claiming he converted the same day that his brother?

The first example was from 2007, here is one from 2005:

Decatur Baptist clip:

“I went home and told my father. I said, ‘Abbi, I am born again. I’m saved. It was November 4, 1982 and it was the last day I saw my father. No, no, don’t feel bad for me. You say, ‘well that’s horrible.’ And yes, on some existential level it might be. But you don’t understand, Hadith volume 9 number 57, Mohammed speaking, ‘Anybody changes his Islamic religion, kill him.’ In 38 countries around our globe that is precisely what takes place. Every Friday Jumu’ah prayer, midday, those who have converted from Islam to Christianity are taken out to the city square, buried up to their waste and stoned to death. And we complain about someone being in our parking spot. My father disowned me as an act of mercy.”

Here is one from 2008:

The Downtown Church clip:

“I went home, November 4, 1982, I went home and told my Babba that I was a believer in Jesus. And of course you can guess what happened. I lost my home, I lost my family, kicked out and disowned. People, ‘ahhh’. Christians you are very sympathetic people. You are very, very empathetic which is a gift. I’m not. I never got that mercy gift, I keep waiting for. But I tell them that and people go ‘ahhh that’s horrible’. ‘We need to fill out a hallmark card’. ‘I tell you what, Monday, I am going to send a Forward about that story.’ Don’t feel sorry for me. 36 countries around the globe, for a Muslim to convert to Christianity, you are put to death. You are buried up to your waist in your burial cloth and stoned to death as a consequence of the capital crime of conversion. Some of the countries I travel in today, all of yall who are on Facebook, on Facebook look at our pictures man. Been to Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan. Put to death for converting. Mine wasn’t that bad. Besides, I had a new family. I was a Christian. Yall became my family.”

Generally Ergun falsely claims to have been a High School Senior in 1982 during his conversion.

Canyon Creek Baptist Sermon 7/31/11

“Jerry Tacket saw me isolated. Started my Freshman year and wouldn’t quit until my Senior year.

C3 Church Sermon 1/1/12

“Finally going into my Senior year, I decide, ‘You know what? I’ll show you.’ And I went, I walked, I said ‘alright, I’ll come, come, come I’ll come.‘ I walked into the Stelzer Road Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio right near the airport.”

Fortress of Faith interview 6/4/12

“Interviewer: So a teenager friend, a Freshman in High School, engaged you with the love of Christ and built a friendship with you, but you rejected his attempts to try to get you to the gospel. You told him know a few times, but he prevailed.

Ergun: Yeah a few times, for three years, I told him, ‘no’. I didn’t want to hear anything about the gospel. I was, we were very devout Muslims. We lived in Columbus. My father was building the mosque that eventually came on Broad Street. We wanted nothing to do with you as Christians. If you can say openly hostile, maybe passively hostile however you want to say that, I wanted nothing to do with this guy, but he wouldn’t quit. You know, again how many of us, if we share the gospel and somebody says ‘no’ we move on. There was no moving on. He kept coming and finally going into my Senior year in High School, I decided I’d take him up on his challenge. And that’s when I became a believer in Jesus.”

If he converted as a High School Senior, the logical inference is that he was a High School graduate a year later when his brothers converted.

What if I can provide you with an example of him claiming to have converted November 4, 1982 with a bonus? What if I can provide you with Ergun saying also that he was in college when his brothers converted? Ergun maintains publicly to this day, that everything was unintentional: Both him saying he converted November 4, 1982 and him saying he converted his Senior year. If all of this is unintentional What are the odds that such an example exists?

Too be continued…


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