Monday, January 21, 2013

My Thesis

The above is an exact quote from an 2005 Ergun sermon
Last night, I had to make my case again in less than 140 Characters, so I think my entire argument congealed.  My thesis is this:  Ergun Caner intentionally claimed that he came to America in 1978 with his polygamist father.  In a nutshell that is what I am trying to prove and warn people about.

Also for the record.
  • Ergun was raised as a Muslim as proven by his parents' divorce papers.
  • I like to provide longer clips in order to ensure that I am not deceitfully editing and I am fair to him.
  • I transcribe Ergun to be fair to him.
  • Most of the time, the unedited sources are linked to my videos.  
  • I wasn't convinced by edited videos.  I was convinced by listening to Ergun's unedited sources.  
  • Until I watched the Marine videos, August 2010, I defended Ergun. 
  • I use a pseudonym, because there are real consequences to my actions.  I have been insulted and threatened in real life and as MosesModel. 
  • I have promised to remove all my videos about Ergun if he and Norman Geisler will publicly admit in writing that Ergun lied at Marine Corp Air Station New River.  
  • Also this is largely an effort in trying to prove myself wrong.  My mind has trouble finding different meanings for quotes like the one in the meme.   Also, if I am wrong, why did the Liberty Champion report my take on what Ergun was claiming and that Marine introduce Ergun as coming to America when he was 14 years old?.  There are contemporaneous accounts.  I might be wrong, but it really sounded like Rick and Bubba thought that Ergun grew up in Turkey watching Georgia Championship Wrestling.  Then again, perhaps I am going crazy.

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