Mirror Policy

Most of my Youtube videos are under a youtube "creative commons" license.

Creative Commons licenses provide a standard way for content creators to grant someone else permission to use their work. YouTube allows users to mark their videos with a Creative Commons CC BY license [attribution - reuse allowed]. These videos are then accessible to YouTube users for use in their own videos via the YouTube Video Editor. Attribution is automatic under the CC BY license, meaning that any video you create using Creative Commons content will automatically show the source videos' titles underneath the video player. You retain your copyright and other users get to reuse your work subject to the terms of the license.http://www.youtube.com/t/creative_commons
The terms of the license require that you attribute me in your video.  They may not look like it, but hours of research and production go into each video.  If you watch my videos, you know that I attribute and source everything that goes into the video.  However, I want the information in the videos to get out.  Share the video, but make sure that you attribute me in your video somehow. 

"Mirror" is youtube slang for duplication.  It is generally good manners to note in the title of your duplicated video that the video is a "mirror" by placing "mirror" in brackets: [Mirror].  This lets everyone know that you are not responsible for the video and are just the party trying to share it.  While youtube's license does not allow me to require this, if you are simply duplicating my video, I would prefer that "mirror" be in the title. 

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