Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ergun Caner is taking another Israel trip

Ergun is leading another Israel trip for Arlington Baptist College next year.  This brings to mind something that he said when he led one for Liberty University.  In his Garden of Gethsemane sermon, he noted that he came to Israel twice as a Muslim.  While this is not impossible, Ergun was forbidden to travel outside of the country with his father by April 1978.  His mother was concerned.  (His parents had separated about three years prior to when Ergun was about 8 or 9.)

So after the age of 11, Ergun was forbidden to go to Israel.  Geisler has speculated that Acar took Ergun to Turkey several times.  He did not say whether these trips were before 1978 or after.  Perhaps, his mother did permit Acar to take Ergun outside of the US, ignoring the separation agreement.  Also, perhaps his students should ask him about those first two trips. 

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