Sunday, December 30, 2012

Why did Ergun get access to our military?

I found this on Ergun's fan page.  I often wonder where our country is going, because we allow fake experts on Islam to train our police, FBI, and servicemen.  Ergun is just one.  Also the commenter is right, you can not vilify, lie about, cheat, and mock any religion and expect them to accept Christ.

Why do people actually do this? There are so many people like him now. Come on I know we Brits joke around but we didn't know Americans could be this DUMB! Who in God's name let him give lectures to the MILITARY?

If you want to vilify Muslims please try harder. You're an embarassment

as one christian said to prove islam wrong u need the gospel..u dont villify lie cheat mock any religion then expect muslims to accept jesus as lord.
PS - Can anyone help me find Ergun's other military lectures?

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