Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Canar believes with his Christian heart

March 2, 2003, Ergun told a church that he could no longer travel to Iraq, because he become so infamous.  October 6, 2003, he told the local press that he had been to Iraq that summer. (I love the name misspelling.)  Perhaps, the military flew him in or the invasion of Iraq, begun March 20, 2003 changed the atmosphere that much.
Albany- Southwest Georgians who gathered at the Hope for America Rally for Christian praise and worship got a lesson on world religion.

"This is a war against America the Christian nation," said Ergun Canar, an associate professor of theology at Liberty University in Virginia. Liberty University was founded by Jerry Falwell, a conservative Christian leader.

"This is what we see in Islam," Canar.

Canar believes with his Christian heart that America should be in Iraq. He knows, he says, because he was raised as a Muslim. Canar converted to Christianity 20 years ago after moving here from Turkey with his family.

Today, he's a theology professor who spends much of his time explaining Islam. He says one of the greatest misconceptions Americans have about some Muslims is that we can negotiate with them. He says for the extremists, this is a holy war.

"So for them this is not about negotiation," Canar said. "This is about conquest. This is their crusade."

Canar was in Iraq this summer. What he saw was not people who hate Americans.

"What we have done in Iraq, what our boys are doing as we speak is they have given my people the first opportunity in four generations to hear the gospel, to share their beliefs, to share their opinions without being stoned to death."

Just as worshipers at the rally have the right to freely worship God.

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