Monday, December 10, 2012

Kamal's supersonic God eagle to scale

Traveling at the speed of sound an object would leave this image in three seconds.
A couple of months ago, when I had more time, I did a video about Kamal saying he saw a vision of God as a supersonic eagle.  I tried to point out that the human eye has visibility limits and the speed of sound is really fast.  The image above is drawn to scale with one pixel representing one foot. Scaled, the picture is about three mach seconds wide (3378 ft).  Kamal is standing on the mountain.  The female eagle is below him.  The approximate maximum distance Kamal could have seen a soaring eagle with an 8 foot wing span is 952 feet.  The furthest the eagle could have traveled was 1016 ft, which is less than one mach second.

This is a blow up of the image to one mach second
I know this is supposed to be a vision, but there is no way that Kamal could have observed an eagle traveling at supersonic speeds, because the eagle would have disappeared in less than a second.  

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