Saturday, December 8, 2012

There seems to be a futility

I could make videos about Ergun's conferences and camps.  However any video I made would pretty much follow the model of the En Fuego 2012 video.

  1. You say that you are this type of organization and your goals are such.
  2. Ergun is a lying preacher and worse he maintains that he has never lied once in his sermons.
  3. This conflicts with your mission.
  4. Therefore you should not have an unrepentant liar as a speaker for your event.
After many emails to various individuals, I am pretty certain that most people who would have Ergun as a speaker would not cancel him if they found out that he is a dishonest preacher.  

Also, during the summer, most of Ergun's events are youth camps.  I try to leave minors out of this.  En Fuego was not necessarily a youth event.

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