Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kamal Saleem's vision of the supersonic eagle :)

The approximate maximum distance Kamal could have seen a 3 foot eagle is about 357 feet. The eagle would have appeared to be less than an inch tall. There is no way he could have even known it was an eagle. The approximate maximum distance Kamal could have seen a soaring eagle with an 8 foot wing span is 952 feet. It would have appeared to have been less than two inches. At that distance, Kamal could not have told the difference between a buzzard and an eagle.

He then says he saw one of the eagles travel faster than the speed of sound (1,126 ft/s). At that speed, the eagle would have disappeared from Kamal's eyes in less than a second. The eagle would have needed to be almost twenty feet long or wide to have been visible to Kamal for even about two seconds.

Sadly his audience just eats this stuff up. I know it was a "vision", but it was a ridiculous one. Kamal had no way to know if anything he called an eagle broke the sound barrier. The eagle could have transverse the distance easily at less than the sound barrier and quickly have left his field of vision. At the distances he describes, the eagle should have gone splat. :)

I crack up every time I hear him do his eagle impressions.


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