Friday, November 16, 2012

Translating one of God's most anointed expository preachers

2007:My Mom was divorced when my brothers became Christians. My Father left her, blaming her for our conversion.

2008:When my Mom got saved, because my father left her, because I became a Christian.

2009: You see, my Father left my Mom, because he blamed her that we got saved.

2011: My parents divorced, my Father blamed my Mom for our conversions.
The most obvious explanation for these four statements is that Ergun is trying to say that his father divorced his mother, because his father blamed his mother for their conversions.  However, Ergun, Emir, and Norman all teach that this explanation is the false one.  They all teach that since Ergun has claimed he never lied in his sermons this explanation must be false.  However, they have not said what Ergun was trying to say.

They seem to believe that Christians should be given the benefit of the doubt. For example, Ergun said the following in a speech to the Marines at New River.

(3:10) My father had more than one wife at a time. As you know the Quran says in Surah four that you are allowed up to four wives. My father had three. 

He even doubled down on the statement in the same speech.

(59:57) They have problems with immigration. I became an American citizen…uh…and stood up and took the vow and came in legally. We got stopped at the border, because my father had listed my mother as property. It’s true. And the guy said, “Your wife’s not property.” And he said, “of course she is.” Then he brought his “sisters” which is his other wives that’s how we bring in our other wives to America. We call them our “sisters”. 

He also repeated it in Hawaii in 2007.
(33:20) We got stopped coming to America, I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but I’m gonna. We got stopped coming to America in 1978. My father listed my mother as property on the manifest. Acar Mehmet Caner listed Monica Inez Caner, my mom, as property. And by the way, he came to America like many Muslims do with many wives, but polygamy is not allowed. It’s called the Abraham lie. Who knows what I’m talking about? This is my sister, that’s right. So my father had, he said, ‘This is my wife, Halah, and these are my sisters'. It explains the last name.

How does Ergun, Emir, and Norman explain these statements?  They argue that he was trying to say that his father divorced his mother and then remarried.  See they believe in giving the benefit of the doubt...but then there is this.
Oh well, so much for the benefit of the doubt.

Seriously it should scare you that these educators are teaching civilians, servicemen, and kids to think like this.  Scarily, smuggling wives across the border, becomes a divorce and remarriage.    

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