Saturday, September 15, 2012

November 4, 1982...What if?

I think I am owed a little sarcasm:

I have listened to several interviews with a fake psychic.  He tells stories about how he would just make things up to see how many people would believe it.  One day, he told people about his own life as if it was their reading.  They bought it.  He invented reading bananas.  They bought it.

Sometimes I wonder if Ergun and Emir put their heads together before 9/11 or shortly after.  "Let us tell everyone that we were saved on the same day, November 4, 1982.  Then let us, tell everyone that there was a year between our conversions.  Then when people start asking questions, we can call them pharisees.  How long do you think we can keep that up?"

PS ~ Obviously I have no way of knowing if this is true. I am not claiming that it is true. I am just trying to voice my frustration.  In my video series, Does Emir Know?, I have assumed that Emir's claim to November 4, 1982 is the valid one.  It is the one that was put into print and published in 2002.  Still, Ergun's famous 2001 sermon at Prestonwood predates the book's publication.  Also, obviously I have far more instances of Ergun claiming the date rather than Emir. 

I have two more instances of Ergun claiming he converted November 4, 1982.  One of them is even from 2012.  I think this brings the total up to seven so far. 

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