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Ergun Caner: Does Emir Know? - Halftime Show

This is a quick summary of the "Does Emir Know?" series thus far.  There are more examples and if you have watched my Ergun huevos video, you know that I have far more examples of Ergun saying his brothers converted while he was in college. 

I understand that everybody does not have time to listen to hours of Ergun sermons.  Also, I understand that everybody does not have the hour that it would take you to watch the entire video series.  So I made this video to sum up the story thus far.  I think that it is pretty safe to say that Ergun has given many contradictory versions of Emir's conversion.


The third column is going to fill up.
Hold on everything is going to be fine. For those of you who have watched the full hour of the “Does Emir Know?” video series, thank you for watching. This video is going to be largely review of things that I fleshed out in other videos. For those who have not watched the entire series, this video is for you. Don’t worry, I have extensively documented every assertion that I am about to make in other videos. These videos will appear above with annotations to take you to them.

Sometimes it is best to look back at from whence we came and look towards where we are going. There are more examples to give, but this will be a place to deal only with the examples provided so far.

The primary focus in this video series has been the claims that Ergun has made about his brother Emir. The recent video about his parents’ divorce was more of a halftime show. Here we will sum up the chronology.

After 9/11, but still in 2001, Ergun preached at Prestonwood Baptist Church that both his brothers had converted after he preached a seven minute Sunday night sermon. He also claimed that he had converted November 4, 1982.

In 2002, Ergun and Emir coauthored Unveiling Islam. In one of the autobiographical sections of the book, Ergun converts on a Thursday. Erdem later converted in their mother’s basement. Then Ergun invited Emir to a revival service where he converted that Thursday night, November 4, 1982. Notice at Prestonwood, Ergun converted November 4, 1982, but in Unveiling Islam, Emir converted November 4, 1982. Also, notice that his brothers converted at separate times, when at Prestonwood, they converted the same Sunday night. Also, you will notice that this is the only example I have of this order of events.

Ergun continued to claim that he was the one who converted November 4, 1982. So did Emir, but that will be dealt with in another video. One example from Ergun was provided from 2005. Here he simply stated with no real details that his brothers were saved a year later. A 2007 example was also provided, however in this example, he stated again that his brothers converted after a seven minute Sunday night sermon. I provided 2008 example, where he again stated that he, not Emir, converted November 4, 1982. His brothers are said to have converted a year later. Like usual, no details are given.

As mentioned, Ergun generally claims that he was a High School Senior, November 4, 1982. He was not. He was a Junior. However, if he did convert as a Senior, the logical inference is that a year later when his brothers converted, he was a college Freshman. 2009 at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge is my earliest example of him claiming this.

So here, we have at least three different conversion stories provided by Ergun about Emir. They cannot all be true. Again, these are not the only examples of Ergun making such claims. Also, again, Emir has continued to claim that he was the one, not Ergun, who converted November 4, 1982. I have no examples of Ergun repeating the version of Emir’s conversion that is contained in their book.

Even though, chronologically Ergun’s claim about November 4, 1982 and the seven minute Sunday night sermon came first, I have assumed that the story in Unveiling Islam is the true one. It was coauthored by both brothers and it was the version that was put into print. Still, does Emir know that Ergun has said so many things about him?

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