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Ergun Caner: Does Emir Know? - The Review

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Emir converted November 4, 1982

Ergun maintains that he never intentionally misled anyone. What are the odds that I can provide you with two more examples of him claiming he converted the same day that his brother?

Prestonwood Baptist Church, 2001

November 4, 1982

Decatur Baptist Church, January 12, 2005

November 4, 1982

First Baptist Church Pearl City, June 1, 2007

[Indiscernible] It was November 4, 1982.

The Downtown Church, April 19, 2008

I went home, November 4, 1982

Generally Ergun falsely claims to have been a High School Senior in 1982 during his conversion.

First Baptist Church Pearl City, June 1, 2007

He started when we were Freshmen in High School in Gahanna Lincoln High School in Gahanna, Ohio. He did not stop until I was a Senior going into my Senior year.

Canyon Creek Baptist Sermon, July 31, 2011

Started my Freshman year and wouldn’t quit until my Senior year.

C3 Church Sermon, January 1, 2012

Finally going into my Senior year, I decide, ‘You know what? I’ll show you.

Fortress of Faith interview, June 4, 2012

He kept coming and finally going into my Senior year in High School, I decided I’d take him up on his challenge.

If he converted as a High School Senior, the logical inference is that he was a High School graduate a year later when his brothers converted.

What if I can provide you with an example of him claiming to have converted November 4, 1982 with a bonus? What if I can provide you with Ergun saying also that he was in college when his brothers converted?

If all of this is unintentional What are the odds that such an example exists? 

The main point of this video series has been that these errors by Dr. Ergun Caner occur too often and too purposefully to be accidental misstatements. Ergun claims, even today, to have converted in the same year, during the same month, on the same day, and even on the same day of the week as his brother Emir. Let’s say I accept that one was an accident, OK. Ergun also claims to have been a High School Senior, on that day November 4, 1982. OK, let’s say I accept that one was an accident. Ergun also maintains, November 4, 1982 was his fourth year in High School and Jerry had pursued him for four years. He even counts out the years frequently on stage. Let’s say that I accept that Ergun often does not remember his correct graduation year. What are the odds that he would make all these errors in the same sermon? What are the odds that he would consistently make these errors in almost every sermon that I have available to listen to?

What are the odds that he would claim that his brothers converted while he was a Freshman in college too? I hope you see that as you start adding the errors that he consistently makes about himself and others it becomes increasingly unlikely that he made these mistakes accidentally. At this point I am not even really pointing out the three different versions of Emir’s testimony that Ergun provides.

In the introduction to this video, most of the examples I gave of Ergun claiming to have converted his senior year were from 2011 and 2012. I was trying to demonstrate that he has not stopped making false claims. I could have easily pulled more from the sermon that I provided.

Do you want to know why I teach full time? Do you want to know why I am going to be here until I die? Because I love my life. I get to be around those kids everyday. I get to be around kids like, Jerry Tacket. Jerry Tacket was an obnoxious kid trying to earn an awana badge. I don’t know. I don’t know what it was. But beginning in my Freshman year and going until my Senior year, Jerry Tacket never took “no” for an answer.

For 3 ½ years, almost 4 years, Tacket kept coming after me. Dude, do you want to come to the lock-in? Dude, you want to go roller skating? Dude, fifth quarter? Hotdog hogout? Pizza pigout? All those youth things that people do? “No, no, no.”

Freshman year, Sophomore year, Junior year, leave me alone. I have my prayer rug in the locker room and I’d roll it out and I’d be praying. My forehead to the ground, I’d come back up and there he is standing. “Hey!”

I love Jerry, man he’s a punk. I love him, but he’s still my friend. I’m like, dude you were tenacious to say the least. “Hey can I give you a Bible?” “No, I have my Quran.” “Hey, I just want to tell you that Jesus loves you.” “Would you leave me alone?”

Going into my Senior year, I figured I found a way to shut him up. I said, “I’ll go with you to your church, if you come to the mosque.” This High School Senior, this 17 year old boy, named Jerry Tacket, walked to the mosque on Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. Walked in with a Bible in his hand and a “Jesus Saves” t-shirt. That’s hardcore. That’s hardcore right there. That’s SECW straight. He walked in like this, “Hey, how ya doing, nice to meet ya, nice to meet ya.”

My father goes, “Ergun, who is this kid?” I went over to Tacket and I was like, “Alright.” I walked into the Stelzer Road Baptist Church, in Columbus, Ohio. It might as well have been Calvary Chapel, because I’d never seen it. Never held a Bible, never been in a worship service, never been around Christians. I sat in the back. I didn’t know that the secret of Baptists is that when you sit in the back that is where they all sit. Swhrooom, 20 of them all around me.

You’ll know Baptist in heaven, because Baptists will be the ones going through the gate asking for a bulletin. Because they all had their bulletins They had a hymnal, I didn’t know what a hymnal was. Had a Bible. Didn’t know what that was. I didn’t know why they wouldn’t sit still. Just like you people, stand, sit, turn around, hug a neck kiss a baby. It’s like jeserocise man. Yall won’t hold still.

I was trying to be anonymous sit in the back and there comes Tacket and there comes his friends and there comes all these youth. Four years, they had been going on me. They never gave up.

I chose this one.

I was in college eight months later.

I wanted to provide a long unedited clip. This was the closest one available. If this particular video series was about Ergun claiming to have immigrated to the United States as a teenager, this sermon also had that too.

My father’s name is Acar Mehmet Caner. I say it out loud, because just telling the story, you don’t get to do that often and most Muslims who are Muslims have never met a Murtad. I am a Murtad. I left Islam and became a believer in Jesus Christ.

My father was an Ulema in the mosque. An Ulema is a scholar. He was an architect by vocation. And when we came to America in 78, through Brooklyn, we settled in Columbus, Ohio to build mosques. That is exactly what my father did until the day he died, 1999.

We were not casual Muslims. We were not comfortable Muslims. We were the devout. We wore keffiyeh. We spoke in Arabic and Turkish. We read the Quran. We fasted 40 days during Ramadan. We lived by the rules of Halal and Haram, Mushbuded, dietary restrictions. We prayed five times a day, facing Mecca, [Speaking Arabic] doing our prayer time.

Still, the challenge was to provide one sermon where he said he converted his senior year on November 4, 1982,

November 4, 1982

and he said his brother converted after he went to college

I was in college eight months later. My phone rang. I discovered that both my brothers had gotten saved.

I think I accomplished my goal. The mental backflips that you have to do to explain why Ergun accidentally said all of these false claims in the same sermon are ridiculous.


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  1. Ergun responded to his brother via DM or text. He accidentally sent it out sent out publicly over Twitter. In it, he said, "Bro- haven't seen it. Blocked years ago. But thats not me. I wouldn't have said 'Christian.' They're not saved. Gay stalkers."

    It seems pretty clear that Emir asked him what your video was all about and he responded. I have the screenshot if you need it, but I assume you saw it as well.

    It appears that you have stuck a nerve. I suggest you push harder on Emir-- he has been complicit in these lies. Be sure to mention Ergun and Emir in a tweet so they see this. Keep telling the truth.

    1. Thanks for the heads up.

      I didn't see it. I have been blocked by Emir and Ergun for a while. I have to actively search for Ergun's tweets to find them. Despite what Ergun may think, I generally have better things to do than check up on him every day.

      I would love a screenshot of the tweet. You can send it to

      They will love the next video in the series. It is already written and the clips from three consecutive years have already been edited.

      I encourage everyone listen to the unedited tapes to see if I have been fair.