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Canyon Creek Baptist Church 7/31/2011

Ergun mostly claims in his sermons that he was a High School Senior when he converted in 1982.  Ergun's Senior year was 1983-84, so he was not a Senior in 1982.  However, he and his brothers claim Erdem and Emir converted about a year after Ergun.  (Emir's conversion is even dated November 4, 1982.)  The logical inference of his brothers converting a year after his Senior year, is that Ergun had already graduated by that time.  Until recently, I only had two examples of Ergun directly claiming to have been in college during his brother's conversions.  (These are going to be mentioned in an episode of "Does Emir Know?".)  Recently, FBCWatchdog encouraged me to listen to Ergun's post scandal sermons and I found this one from Canyon Creek Baptist Church, July 31, 2011.

(32:50) “I moved to this country isolated from you as a Muslim. I looked different. I worshiped a different god. My father devout in the mosque, we build mosques like missionaries to you.

I want nothing to do with you people. I hate the Christians. I assume you hate me back.

I go into high school at Gahanna Lincoln High School, Gahanna, Ohio; isolated. One boy met me at my well. It wasn’t a guy on TV. It wasn’t somebody famous. It wasn’t TBN. It wasn’t Christian radio. It wasn’t somebody with purple hair crying purple tears. It wasn’t somebodies name who was on the side of a book or the side of a building, because I would have paid no attention to any of that.

You know who reached me for the gospel? One high school kid who wouldn’t shut up. Jerry Tacket saw me isolated. Started my Freshman year and wouldn’t quit until my Senior year. Invited me to everything, hotdog hogouts, pizza pig outs, ‘lock ins’.

‘Lock ins’. I would do a hotdog thing in a heartbeat, but ‘lock ins’ are of the devil. Three o’clock in the morning you want to stay up and do something. I want to sleep at three o’clock in the morning, instead of finding kids hiding in stair wells, praying together.

I said no to everything. He didn’t quit. I want you to think about the people that you love the most that don’t know Jesus yet. You invited them. You’ve prayed for them. You’ve loved them. You’ve brought them. They may have come to an cantata. They came to a special Sunday. They’ve come to a number of things then they started making excuses. They didn’t want to come anymore. Then after a while that they don’t even make excuses. They just don’t want to come. They maybe even make fun of you for coming. You love them. I know. You pray for them to be saved. I know, but after a while you stop inviting, because you know what they are going to say.

Here’s the deal. How many times we knock on a door. Jack Chick track in our hand. ‘Hey I’d like to invite you to’ Boom! Door slams. What do we automatically do? ‘Huh, he must not be one of the elect.’ I scratch him off my list and move to the next house. ‘Heathen!’ Not Jesus and not Jerry Tacket. He kept coming. Every time I said, ‘no’, he found a way to bring up a ‘yes’. He just kept coming. In my Senior year, when I finally decided, you know what, I’ll show you. I walked into the Stelzer Road Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio, right near the airport."

As usual, he clearly stated that he converted during his Senior year.  As usual, he also stated that Jerry Tacket pursued him for four years: Freshman year through Senior year.  The next part is not so usual.

(43:35) "A year later, I am in college and I find out that God has met my boys at the well, both my brothers have got saved. Somebody shared the gospel with them, and someone shared the gospel with me."

As I mentioned above this is unusual.  I have only found this claim in two other sermons. I am surprised that only a year after Geisler defended him, Ergun would pull out this whopper, especially since Unveiling Islam claims that Ergun was the one who invited Emir to church. 

Listen for yourself. The sermon is available here:

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