Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hopefully My Last Ergun Caner Video

I recently, reread my blog about Ergun's sermon at Canyon Creek Baptist last year. Also Hopefully My Last Ergun Caner Video has exceeded 1000 views this weekend.  Finally, Ergun has launched another series of tweets against Pharisees as is his common teaching.

In the Canyon Creek sermon, Ergun does not give a year he was saved, but he says it was during his Senior year in High School (1983-84).  According to him, his brothers were then saved the following year during Ergun's Freshman year in College (1984-85).  The Does Emir Know? series focuses on how this version of events directly contradicts how the events are described in Unveiling Islam and elsewhere. In the future, the series will continue to give more examples of Ergun claiming his brothers were saved while he was in college.

Ergun has maintained from the beginning that the only thing, he is guilty of is making unintentional misstatements.  However, watch Hopefully My Last Ergun Caner Video and more importantly watch the unedited sources.  Listen to the Canyon Creek sermon.  Tell me, what you think he was claiming.

Finally, Ergun tweeted, "Never question motive".  I am going to take a stab at what he might have meant.  Through hours of family arguments, I have learned that you can almost never know why someone did what they did.  Even if you try to guess, your guess will be distorted by your positive or negative views of the person.  Most likely, you have created a straw man and falsely misrepresented their position.  Though I fail often, this is why I try to deal with what they did and not why they did it.  Obviously, this is not totally feasible. When you say that a preacher telling a group of Marines that his "father had more than one wife at a time" is an intentional lie, you obviously deal somewhat with motive.  The statement was not just false (everybody agrees on that), but the statement was intentionally so.*  Still, as a general rule, one should avoid questioning motives.  I don't know why Ergun lies about this stuff, but I know he does.

Like I have written elsewhere, I used to think I was almost done with making videos about Ergun.  In February 2011, I uploaded Hopefully My Last Ergun Caner Video.  I thought that I was done.  Reasonable people would warn others about Ergun.  Unfortunately this did not happen.  Ergun returned to youtube in a vlog by a student, joking about becoming President of Egypt.  I put up a video reminding people that he claimed he was educated in Egypt.  I was told Ergun apologized, so I posted the entire text of Ergun's apology to youtube.  I could go on, but I am still making videos about Ergun.  Someone must warn people.  Hopefully, I am a little wiser today and have learned how to spell "edited". :)

*I believe the statement was intentional for two reasons.  One, he repeated it in the same speech,  even twice in a couple sentences:
(3:10) My father had more than one wife at a time. As you know the Quran says in Surah four that you are allowed up to four wives. My father had three.


He then doubled down on the statement in the same speech.

(59:57) They have problems with immigration. I became an American citizen…uh…and stood up and took the vow and came in legally. We got stopped at the border, because my father had listed my mother as property. It’s true. And the guy said, “Your wife’s not property.” And he said, “of course she is.” Then he brought his “sisters” which is his other wives that’s how we bring in our other wives to America. We call them our “sisters”.


He also repeated it in Hawaii in 2007.
(33:20) We got stopped coming to America, I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but I’m gonna. We got stopped coming to America in 1978. My father listed my mother as property on the manifest. Acar Mehmet Caner listed Monica Inez Caner, my mom, as property. And by the way, he came to America like many Muslims do with many wives, but polygamy is not allowed. It’s called the Abraham lie. Who knows what I’m talking about? This is my sister, that’s right. So my father had, he said, ‘This is my wife, Halah, and these are my sisters'. It explains the last name.

Two, Ergun clearly knows that his father never had more than one wife at a time and his father never smuggled women across the border using the "Abraham lie".

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