Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kamal Saleem shocks the eagle with his lies about Obama

"Those, who will come without Islam, without Allah, is not accepted from them." This statement has never been made by the President in front of the United Nations.  Do not take my word for it.  Try to find it. 

What I want to do here is give you a quick tool for your baloney detection kit.  You can type the sentence into Google, but a couple of red flags should have already gone off.  One, why have you never heard about this before?  Obviously, we are bad evidence detectors, but if Obama had said this, the right wing blogs should have lit up like a Christmas tree.  Even if the quote is taken out of context, it would have most likely been picked up by at least the crazies. 

Two, he has made other crazy incorrect claims.

Three, did you notice the grammar?  Let's diagram this sentence.  Those is a plural pronoun and the subject of the sentence.  "Who will come without Islam, without Allah" is a adjectival phrase modifying "those".  "Is not accepted" is the verb.  "From them" is the adverbial prepositional phrase modifying the verb.

I know there are a several different ways to diagram this.  The prepositions should be on the slanted lines, but I did this in MSPaint.  Still did you notice the error?  "Those" is plural, but "is" is singular.  "Those" should take a plural verb like "are".    Also, the correct preposition should be "by" not "from".   Now the President is very scripted, every modern President is.  His speeches are largely written and edited for him.  If Kamal is quoting the President, "word for word" and reading it off his notes, why does the President speak Kamal's poor English?

I would propose that there are two reasons.  One, the President never said this to the United Nations.  I have already noted that Kamal is the only source for something the President supposedly said on international television.    Two, Kamal wrote the quote himself grammatically incorrect.  When you are faking a bad accent, sometimes it is difficult to know when to stop. 

Unedited video can be found here

"The Handyman's Lament" by Josh Woodward from joshwoodward.com

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