Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Basic Rules for a Twitter Argument

Here is my quick guide to twitter arguments.
  1. Assess if the argument is even worth having on a 140 character format like twitter. If you have to look up the spelling of Androgen, look for another format.
  2. Assess the possibility of winning. If neither of you will change your minds, it is probably more trollish to start something on twitter.
  3. See if the twitter account is satirical or anonymous. It is generally best to avoid those.
  4. Know if the person is likely to respond. If not, venting can be fun. 
  5. Avoid multiple replies.  Try to get everything into one reply to one reply ratio.  When you start sending more than one reply, the other person is likely to reply to both and then you have two threads.  The more threads you have going on at the same time, the more convoluted the argument can become to both of you.
  6. Reply to as few threads as possible.  Do your best to keep the communication clear and concise.  Not replying to a thread will end that thread and allow you to focus on the important ones.
  7. If these fights get repetitive, think about writing a quick concise 140 or less reply to FAQs.  This way you will already be prepared.
Correction 20:51 5-20-13: I know most of the views to  this post have been to see me write "righting" instead of "writing". :)

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