Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ergun is married to his wife Emir :)

With all the listening to Ergun Caner sermons that I have done this summer, I needed this laugh.  Thank you internet for podcasting errors.  

Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner

Ergun Caner was born as a Muslim and immigrated into America during his childhood.  Due to the persistent witnessing of a High School Christian friend, Ergun got saved.  As a result, he was disowned by his family, but Argun’s faith in Christ was so real that he forsook people he loved to follow God who loved him enough to die for him.  Now Ergun is training future pastors and missionaries for the gospel ministry.
I wanted to interview Professor Caner today for you to hear his life changing story to realize that Muslims can be saved in America and God can do a wonderful work in their life.  This is an exciting story, you will not want to miss.
I also discuss something he said in his book that he co-authored with his wife Emir, called ‘Unveiling Islam.’  I highly recommend this book, it can be found on Amazon.  Click here
[I expect a correction soon] 

The podcasts can be found here.

In the second interview, Ergun is told by the interviewer that he assumes Ergun came to America as a teenager.  No definite lie here, but Ergun does not correct him.  Later, Ergun says that he converted during his Senior year in High School.  I am going to jot that one down as an almost definite lie considering Ergun's unrepentant history. 

I am sad that 6/3/2012, Ergun finally was recorded with the Senior year fib again.  However, I am giddy that he is married to his wife, Emir.

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