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Ergun Caner: Does Emir Know? - Introduction

Welcome to another episode of "what are the odds".  Many have wondered about Emir Caner's position on his brother's fabrications.  The summer of 2010, he defended his brother saying,  Ergun had demonstrated "unquestionable Christian character".  This was just "a few incorrect statements". 

"His character, integrity, and bold witness are truly an emulation of a shepherd's heart and an evangelist's passion."

March 15, 2012, Emir referred to Ergun as "one of God's most anointed expository preachers". Now to be fair, Emir never said that Ergun did not lie or did not intentionally mislead people. However calling his brother a man of "unquestionable Christian character" seems to suggest Ergun did not lie.  Here is the problem, Ergun has lied about Emir.  Does Emir know this?  Maybe not. 
Let's explore the issue. 

To understand this first video you need some background.  Unveiling Islam authored by Ergun and Emir, explains Ergun's brothers' conversions this way. 

"Ergun's brothers, however, listened.  Erdem accepted Christ in the basement of their home.  Ergun then invited Emir to a revival service the following year.  There, for the first time in his life, Emir heard that God loved him and desired to have a personal relationship with him.  Though he had been to church before, this was the first time he could recall hearing a preacher speak openly and honestly about the exclusivity of the Gospel.  Only through the blood of Jesus, spilt on the cross, can someone be saved.  Yet the preacher also spoke compassionately about God's desire to save everyone.

Although there was only one way, the path was open for all who would believe.  On November 4, 1982, Emir was born again." 

Simple enough.  Erdem accepted Christ in their basement.  Ergun invited Emir to a revival service the following year.  November 4, 1982, a Thursday, Emir was born again.  The story seems simple to tell.  Ergun however in at least two instances will get the story horribly wrong.  I will let you decide if it was intentional or not. 

Let me set the next example up for you.  Ergun had already claimed a myriad of false things. He said he came to America in 1978 and he was 14 in 1978. Yet he really came to America before August of 1970.  He turned 12 in November 3, 1978.

Next Claim: He was a High School Senior in 1982 with the implication of being near college age, 18 years old. Again this is wrong.  Ergun graduated with the class of 1984.  He ended his Sophomore year in 1982 and began his Junior year that fall.  He turned 16 in November 3, 1982. 

All of this will be handled in greater detail in a later video.  Yet you needed the greater context of the main clip.  Here Ergun claimed that he converted in November 4, 1982. November 4, 1982?  Why does that sound familiar?  Oh yeah, that was the day that Unveiling Islam says that Emir was saved.

What are the odds?

He claimed that he was thrown out of his house post-conversion and had to live in garages and basements.  Ergun's mother had primary custody of Ergun and his brothers since the divorce.   His father only had partial custody.  When his father disowned him, Ergun did not have to live in garages and basements. 

Both of Ergun's brothers were not saved after he preached a seven minute least not according to them.  Ergun said some things that were grossly false.  While you ponder if this was an intentional or unintentionally, perhaps you should wonder "does Emir know?" 

If Ergun never intentionally misled anyone, what are the odds that I can provide other examples?


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