Friday, February 1, 2013

Things change

I have tried to never exaggerate my contact with Ergun Caner.  He knew me.  I knew him.  We worked together on certain things.  I don't know if he would have called me a friend, an acquaintance, or just another student.  Once or twice he invited me over to his place, but he invited a lot of seminary students over to his place. 

I started MosesModel two years ago in 2010.  I was still a seminary student back then.  The Marine videos were of a lecture that was only five years old.  As the years pass, I am a graduate and the Marine videos are about to turn eight years old, this April.

It is entirely possible that I am out of touch with what is going on at Liberty in 2013.  I know some Liberty students, but they mostly agree with me.  I think I know a few professors who still think that Ergun never lied.  However, their opinions could have changed since I last asked them.  I know the last year has been transformative for my way of thinking.

Ankerberg and Lee still maintain that Liberty never found one instance of Ergun lying. If they are wrong, why does no one correct them? Ergun still maintains that he never lied in a sermon or lecture. Why does no one correct him?  Ergun still does speaking engagements with Tony Nolan and Clayton King, but that is just guilt by association.  (I have often wondered why the Holy Spirit does not convict Ergun from just being around King and Nolan.)  Also, Liberty is closely tied to FRC and Ergun will be one of their speakers again this year, but again that is just guilt by association.

So I could be out of touch.  I hope that I am, but there is some things that imply that I am not, but most of that is just guilt by association. 

God Bless,


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