Friday, August 31, 2012

When does Norman Geisler think Ergun's parents divorced?

Ergun Caner - Why I Am Not A Muslim from Mt. Airy Bible Church on Vimeo.

May 7, 2011, Ergun spoke to Veritas Seminary.  Norman was present.  Around a half hour into the lecture, Ergun said the following.

My parents divorced, my father blamed my mother for our conversions.

Ergun's parents' divorce was finalized in 1978.   Ergun's conversion was at the latest the Spring or Summer of 1982. The divorce was at least three years before his conversion.  Norman knew this.  Almost a year earlier, Norman wrote.

The Charge that His Family Did Not Disown Him When He Converted to Christianity as Caner Claimed that they Did.—It is true that after the divorce he was raised by his mother who obviously had not disowned him since she was no longer a Muslim. But his Muslim father who had remarried did disown him. This is the Muslim “family” to which he referred. This was very painful to him since he lived only a half hour away but could not even speak to him.

When Norman redid his website, In Defense of Ergun Caner, did not make the transition. However, the above quote shows that Norman knew the timeline, yet Ergun lied to his face. What a friend we have in Ergun.

PS ~ I have at least three more examples of this same lie.  If you believe that this is a misstatement, how do you misstate something like this?

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