Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ergun Caner preaches in Arabic at the Dome of the Rock

I saw this tweet by Ergun from his most recent Israel trip and I could not help but think about his claim to have preached in Arabic in the Dome of the Rock.  Also, he has claimed to have come to Israel twice before the age of 16.

The first clip is from Ashburn Baptist Church, September 2005.  The second clip is from Thomas Road's Super Conference 2005, October 2005.  The third clip is from Liberty's Israel Trip, February 2010. Email me for any of the unedited sources.

I think at this point I am pretty well convinced that Ergun does not have the ability to preach in Arabic.  However, there were tons of witnesses to these Arabic sermons.  I would like to hear from them.

Below is my only Arabic video.  Also, James White attempted to translate some Ergun's Arabic.  Also, I find that there is almost nothing that Ergun has said that Mohammed Khan did not know about before me. 

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