Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Contact Ergun directly...

This was recently posted in the comment section on FBCJAXWatchdog's post about "Ergun Caner - the Lance Armstrong of Evangelical Christianity - Finally Returns to Prominent SBC Pulpit, Where Decade of Deceit Began." Obviously the normal caveats need to be said here.  As Ergun has proven, anyone can say anything on the internet, especially without sourcing.  Also, anecdotes are one of the weakest forms of evidence.  All of that being said, I wanted to share this comment.

Simon C. said...

Anyone ever had the bright idea of trying to email Caner directly? I tried because I thought that all the allegations couldn't possibly be true. I get the most friendly guy on the planet, until I mention that I think that he should repent of the things I thought legitimate. Then he blew up at me about it and ended the conversation. That showed me what was what in this matter. I may not agree with the Watchdog on everything (I think that some things he goes after are more than a little nit-picky) but I certainly do on this matter. And it makes me look at everything the people connected to Ergun Caner say in a different light.

I have tried to contact Ergun directly.  I think that I fall under his do not respond to critics policy.  In fairness, I remember what it was like having Ergun in the seminary.  His emails went through his secretary.  At Liberty, if an important professor responded to your email, it was more than likely that the response actually came from their secretary on their behalf, even on theological questions.  (If you ever want to get anything done, talk to the secretaries.)  I can think of one professor who received the same theological questions over and over.  Instead of forwarding the questions on, his secretary started answering the FAQs herself. 

Like when he was at Liberty, the sheer volume of email that Ergun receives probably prevents him from responding to them all.  Perhaps, just perhaps, he should not invite email if he cannot respond to them.  Perhaps, just perhaps, some of Ergun's defenders should not demand that we contact Ergun directly if he will not respond or will not respond in a cordial manner.

Back when I knew Ergun, he enjoyed his facebook account, because it was just him.  His secretary had nothing to do with it, even though I think she eventually figured out the password.   This was about the same time that the Marine videos were filmed.  Over the last couple of years, I have begun to wonder how much of what I "knew" was true.

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