Thursday, May 2, 2013

Win my soul for the Lord

You should see the depressed looks on people's faces when I tell that Ergun claims that LU found he never lied

I don't know which bothers me worse, that Ergun thinks that I am going to hell in a hand basket or
that Ergun would rather block me than try to save my soul.

I don't know if Ergun has figured out who I am.  Google changing youtube has certainly given him ample ways to discover my identity.  If he has, I wonder if his attempts to evangelize me are similar to his attempts to evangelize other unsaved people that he knows. 

So here is the challenge to all those people who think that I am a hell bound sinner. Try to witness to me.  Share your faith.  If you know who I am, invite me to your church.  Try some relational evangelism or at least some door to door.

Quite honestly, if I am not saved, I don't know how to be saved or get saved.

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