Thursday, May 9, 2013

5 Point Pagans Snort Like Girls.

I remember there was some sort of Seminary event, right after Ergun became Dean of the Seminary, maybe sometime during the following semester. It must have been a Seminary Chapel, before Ergun combined them with Ministry Chapels. If my memory serves, he only preached one before the combination.

Ergun asked us whether if we were not saved, how many of us would still be good people?  Some of us said we probably still would.  Ergun proclaimed, "Not me". According to him, he just wasn't that type of guy.  If he had never converted, meanness and evil would froth forth.  Almost a decade later, I have been wondering if his conversion did not make that big of difference. 

I have often wondered over the last few years whether I would convert as an adult if I had never converted as an adolescent.  Sometimes given stuff like this, the answer is "no".  Remember, Ergun believes that I am going to hell.  He also claims that his mission is to win me to Christ.  Pardon me if I admit that it is not working.  

PS - Perhaps, I have treated Ergun like he treats others, but I don't think I have.

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