Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why not just quote Ergun?

This is a comment I wrote on one of FBCJax's latest blogs.  Basically, Ergun's defenders say trust us, this is not what he meant.  Also, the double standard is shocking.  Ergun gets to call people towelheads and denounce them from the pulpit and he is somehow above criticism. 

Anon 8:54,

"The charges on the surface sounds formidable until they are met with TRUTH, then they quickly evaporate away losing all power to condemn – leaving the accusers to contemplate their actions."

Dr. Geisler maintains that these statements are not Ergun claiming his father was polygamous.

March 2003
"My mother found out late in her marriage that my father was married to more than one woman. I don’t want anyone else to deal with this."

April 2005
My father had more than one wife at a time. As you know the Quran says in Surah four that you are allowed up to four wives. My father had three.

April 2005
"We got stopped at the border, because my father had listed my mother as property. It’s true. And the guy said, 'Your wife’s not property.' And he said, 'of course she is.' Then he brought his 'sisters' which is his other wives that’s how we bring in our other wives to America. We call them our 'sisters'".

June 2005
"I came over during the Iranian crisis. Ayatollah Khomeini had taken control. The Shaw of Iran had been kicked out. And Ayatollah Khomeini said this, 'We will not stop until America is an Islamic nation.' So in 1978, my father, my mother, my two brothers, my father’s other wives, and my half-brothers and sisters came to this country. How is it that Muslims can come to this country with other wives? Well it is called the Abraham lie. 'This is my sister.' It explains our last names being the same. And so he would say, 'This is my sisters.'"

September 2006
"I was the oldest. My father brought his wives with him. Yes, polygamous Muslims do come to America. We call it the Abraham lie. They say, 'This is my wife, and this is my sister.'"

June 2007
We got stopped coming to America, I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but I’m gonna. We got stopped coming to America in 1978. My father listed my mother as property on the manifest. Acar Mehmet Caner listed Monica Inez Caner, my mom, as property. And by the way, he came to America like many Muslims do with many wives, but polygamy is not allowed. It’s called the Abraham lie. Who knows what I’m talking about? This is my sister, that’s right. So my father had, he said, ‘This is my wife, Halah, and these are my sisters. It explains the last name.

It is laughable that you consider it truth that none of these statements are Ergun claiming that his father was polygamous.

PS - Ergun Anonymous defenders, welcome to the club.

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