Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2010-2011 Ergun Caner using the word "towelhead"

This is the third video in this series.  Honestly, I feel a little silly.  The only reason that I made these videos is because one of Ergun's friends demanded proof.  Both another seminary student and I remember Ergun using the word "towelhead" while we were attending Liberty.  These ten examples were only just the ones that I could produce on short notice. 

This friend of Ergun was closer to the man than I ever was.  You would think that he would not be surprised at his use of the term.  Now, Ergun could claim, as he has many times, that being a Turk gives him certain rights to use certain slurs, especially slurs against Turks and Arabs. Yet that was not even the question.  This friend wanted proof that he had ever said the slur. 

The relevant blog can be found here. http://hereiblog.com/ethics-guest-preacher-calls-muslims-towelheads/

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