Thursday, June 6, 2013

Warning these opinions are clearly Satanic and demonic

I have argued that Ergun claimed to have been educated in Beirut before he came to America in 1978.  This comes from my demonic reading of the following quote:
I hated you. That may be harsh, but as Dr. Hayes told you, my madrasa – my training center – was in Beirut before I came to America. We came as missionaries to you. My father was a muezzin, the one who does the prayer in the mosque. Five times a day he would climb to the top of a minaret and begin, [different language] and he would do the call to prayer. He was also an architect so we built mosques. And so we came to America – it was ’78. Ayatollah Khomeini had said, we will not stop until America is an Islamic nation and we came and we continue to come.

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  1. This has always seemed one of the more obviously false set of claims. The different places where he was supposedly trained just have never made any sense to me.